do the necronomicon (byeolbyeol) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
do the necronomicon

a listening post!!! for jonghyun's new album!!!

i'm too lazy (and livejournal is being too uncooperative) to put everything behind individual cuts so we're gonna have to blob it all together. above is the title track which he wrote about his dog. (that's not even a joke.)

also known as "skeleton flower". (it's the scientific name used in the official title.)

also known as "would it be fine?".

also known as "around tomorrow".

thank you so much, really. these songs were songs that were already revealed before… and since it was a collection i didn’t expect this many people to listen… i never even imagined. thank you, really. i will work harder from now on!!! i was really tired and exhausted today but everyone who listened to my songs has patted me. thank you!

blah. blah. all songs were written and composed by jonghyun himself, some with the help of his group of high school friends / composition crew, wefreaky. (also: sorry if this ends up being sent in a few times. livejournal... sucks.... rn...)

source: sapphireplus611 / @realjonghyun90 (i) / @thatcoolcatmeow (for translation) (i)
Tags: jonghyun, music

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