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Get To Know: UNICORN (유니콘)

They appeared in a mini television series called "I Am a Girl Group" (나는 걸그룹이다). With five episodes planned through Naver's TV Cast, the show gave fans a chance to get to know the group's members more personally. The first episode of I Am a Girl Group appeared online on August 17, 2015, 10 AM KST.

Check out the full serie in Naver


Stage name: Rumi (루미)
Real name: Seol Ah Reum (설아름)
Nicknames: Reumie, Almy
Birth date: October 05, 1993
Position: Leader
[Rumi Full Profile]
Height: 164cm
Blood type: O
Sibling: twin sibling
Specialties: Dancing.
Hobbies: Enjoy music, nail art and cooking. Touching her lips, nose and basically her face.
Personality: She is energetic and chic (in her own way). Full of aegyo. She is shy but hyper.
Meaning of her name: Become a beautiful Ah Reum. (Ahreum is derived from the word for beautiful)
Why she wanted to be a singer?: She found BoA sunbaenim very cool. Since she was an child she learned how to sing and became really got at dancing.
Favorite Food: Korean, hoe, rib eye, carrots and cake.
Favorite Sport: Walking and cycling.
Favorite Music: Hip hop and R&B.
Fashion Style: Casual look. Sometimes she enjoys wearing a one piece.
Ideal Type: Someone with pretty lips. Someone who looks pretty while smiling. Someone cute and sexy.
Motto: Don't lose your roots.
Instagram Account: @s_rumi_
- SHe is a former member of "Purplay" under the stage name 'Seolah'.

Stage name: Yujin (유진)
Real name: Chae Yu Jin (채유진)
Nicknames: Cutie, Princess
Birth date: November 29, 1992
[Yujin Full Profile]
Blood type: AB
Siblings: Older sister and younger brother.
College Attending: Chonbuk University
Specialties: Singing and dancing.
Hobbies: Enjoy watching movies and searching up youtube videos. Touching her nose.
Personality: She is active, full of laughs, nice, cute, gentle, strong, a little stubborn, but a kid ingrained with the idea to be humble and work hard. Surprising purity and bold.
Meaning of her name: Turtle (Chae) - Young (Yu) - Truth (Jin)
Why she wanted to be a singer?: She felt like she should become a singer. She thought she fit as an singer.
Favorite Food: Hamburger, chicken, Korean (anything), carbonara and deokbokki.
Favorite Sport: Running, swimming, cycling and playing badminton.
Favorite Music: 15& and Crush
Fashion Style: Neat, comfortable (but not to comfortable), likes to wear T-shirts, because she is short she dresses into something that makes her look tall and high-waisted pants.
Ideal Type:
-Physically: Eyes with small wrinkles, lips that are big and wide when he smiles aka a guy with a pretty smile. (example: Kim Myungrang, Lee Kikwang, Lee Minki and Park Bogum)
-Personality-wise: Someone courteous who I can admire and learn from. (needs a little style sense)
Motto: Live while loving and being thankful for all things.
Instagram Account: @uuuujin__

Stage name: Winnie (위니)
Real name: Park Chan Song (박찬송)
Nickname: Songie
Birth date: June 16, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist
[Winnie Full Profile]
Blood type: B
Sibling: Younger Brother
College: Gongju University
Specialty: Focusing on things she likes.
Hobbies: Writing comments and organizing her thoughts. Listening to music and spacing out.
Personality: She is rather positive, quite active and quiet too. She thinks it depends on who she's with.
Meaning of her name: Praise (Chan) - To praise (Song)
Why she wanted to be a singer?: She doesn't really remember much from her childhood but she loved music the most.
Favorite Food: Green tea flavored snacks.
Favorite Sport: Walking and breathing.
Favorite Music: Hip Hop and R&B
Fashion Style: Comfortable or clothes she wants to wear that day.
Ideal Type: Someone with wisdom and sense.
Celebrity Friends: Unicorn (goddamn cheesy lol Winnie)
Motto: Life is beautiful.
Instagram Account: @lovesongee

Stage name: Gayoung (가영)
Real name: Oh Ga Young (오가영)
Nicknames: Ohga
Birth date: October 14, 1994
[Gayoung Full Profile]
Blood type: AB
Sibling: Younger brother
Specialties: Making things (coloring) and games.
Hobbies: Gaming, writing posts, watching mukbangs and movies. Fixing her hair and looking in the mirror.
Personality: She hides her features, but she's on the meticulous side and has a lot of playfulness. She has a lot of affection. She's wild and she's calm.
Meaning of her name : Shining beauty
Why she wanted to be a singer? : She went to music school through an audition.
Favorite Food : Ddeokbokki, pizza, bread, japanese and korean food.
Favorite Sport: Skying and snowboarding.
Favorite Music : There's a lot but it depends on how she feels.
Fashion Style: Casual, T-shirt and pants (comfy clothes)
Her Cooking: Ddeokbokki and kimchi fried rice.
Ideal Type : A thin person with a pretty nose. Someone who's feels like an friend and has good style.
Motto: Consider a moment valuable since it is fleeting.
Instagram Account:

Stage name: Sally (샐리‬)
Real name: Kim Jung Hyun (김정현)
Birth date: April 04, 1995
Position: Maknae
[Sally Full Profile]
Blood type: O
Specialties: Singing anime theme songs, writing comments, fantasizing and she is good at persuading.
Hobbies: Watching anime, enjoy reading manga and watching movies, reading sns and writing poetry.
Personality: She is joyful and lively with a lot of playfulness and aegyo, a tree frog, she wants to be righteous.
( a tree frog is used to describe someone who does exactly what someone tells them not to do.)
Habits: Eating as soon as she wakes up. She loves to make weird expressions.
Meaning of her name: To appear honestly.
Why she wanted to be a singer?: She learned singing while working part time in teachers Kim Johan's Pizzeria.
Favorite Food: Korean, Mexican, anything that's tasty and is good for the body.
Favorite Sport: Water sports and she really wants to go skydiving.
Favorite Music: Old pop, new age, OST, British Pop/Rock/etc.
Fashion Style: Basic Style.
Ideal Type: Someone's who caring and only loves her. Someone who can respect her and her values.
Celebrity Friends: Kim Johan
Motto: There is a point to everyday, there is enlightenment.
Instagram Account:

Check out Unicorn debut mini:

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And all their official accounts:

-Unicorn on Instagram
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-Unicorn Youtube Channel

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