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✨ Song Joong Ki ✨ reflects on his vacation with Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo

Actor Song Joong Ki had his first interview and photo shoot after completing his military service with Elle magazine. Having started filming his comeback drama “Descendants of the Sun,” the actor reveals that he selected this drama because of the story. He also comments on how working with Song Hye Kyo has been great due to their similar personalities and ability to understand each other. Staff members reportedly said, “It’s supposed to be a melodrama, but aren’t they too close?”

During the interview, Song Joong Ki also discusses his time in the military. He reassures fans and says, “I’ve been well and haven’t gotten a cold even once.” Then the actor admits he had fears prior to entering his military service. However, he was able to overcome his worries after receiving advice from his drinking buddy Son Hyun Joo. Furthermore, Song Joong Ki reflects on his post-military service vacation with close friends Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo. He notes, “It was the most heart-fluttering vacation I have had so far.” Then he further shares how special this experience is to him.

You can see more of his interview and pictorial in the October issue of Elle.

Are you excited for his upcoming drama?

source: elle x soompi
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