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Day6 explains why they don’t perform at music shows and talks about WINNER and iKON

JYP Entertainment’s rock boy band Day6 explains why they don’t perform at music shows and talks about WINNER and iKON.

On the recent broadcast of “Jung Joon Young’s Shim Shim Tapa,” the members of the boy band along with Rhythm Power have appeared as special guests in the show.

The Day6 members talked about their favorite artists and songs as well as their experiences during their trainee days.

DJ Jung Joon Young asks them as to why they are not currently performing on music shows despite releasing their debut track “Congratulations.”

Member Sungjin then replies, “Firstly, instead of being in music shows, we want to set up places where we could be able to communicate with our fans, such as live performances or in radio shows like this or stage performances.”

After Song Mino’s “Show Me the Money 4” track “Fear” featuring BIGBANG’s Taeyang had been played, DJ Jung Joon Young then asked the group how they felt when Song Mino debuted in WINNER before them. They responded by saying, “Just like our title track, ‘Congratulations’,” with the rest of the members clapping.

Day6 was also asked if they are nervous that iKON’s debut album was coming around the same time as theirs. Sungjin then responds, “We just release an album to be able to do our music. If you group us together with iKON, then we would be thankful and honored.”

The boy group, except for member Dowoon, has previously appeared in the reality show “Who is Next: Win” on the “YG VS JYP” episode where they faced off against the members of WINNER and iKON.

Source: kpopmusic

there were some rumors that they would be appearing on a music this coming week but i guess those are not true. i would love to see them performing on shows with a large audience so more people can find out about them because they are amazing!
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