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Hani asks Jackson if he wants to sleep with her (in a tent)

If you haven't started watching The Laws of the Jungle, you should. On today's episode when everyone started preparing for their first night in the jungle, Jackson started worrying about Hani and said "If you sleep alone..."

Hani quickly understood how it sounded and replied "Do you want to sleep together?" and made an inviting gesture with her hand. Jackson immediately replied "No, if we did it we would be #1 search item"

translation by me

Jackson didn't do it but the article about him declining the offer ended up #1 on Nate.

You can watch the whole episode here - Part 1 / Part 2

[+2897,-69] If hyung suggests something, you’re supposed to say yes.
[+1806,-69] the two of them are fun..jackson has a quick witㅎㅎ
[+1775,-91] without makeup, hani looks the same as her old photos
[+1457,-49] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why is the two of them playing so cute
[+1257,-132] why are hani caps so pretty;;

(the first comment is about Hani because fans call her hyung/oppa)

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Tags: exid, got7, tv shows

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