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shinee's jonghyun does a guerrilla concert in hongdae!!


so, earlier today, @smtownglobal made some tweet saying that jonghyun had a "surprise" for fans on the 18th and 19th... they were trying to be sly but, two hours before sharing that with everyone, media had started to report that he'd be holding a guerrilla concert at an unspecified location "sometime before the night was over". after tweeting and basically giving away the location without really saying it..., things went down.


A video posted by @jonghyun.948 on

jonghyun: i’m on my way now~. please be careful. everyone…, safety is the most important. for the concert to finish well i ask for everyone to please maintain order until the end. please anticipate the concert~!

A video posted by @jonghyun.948 on

about half of the concert ended up being livestreamed via mpd's v application profile which can be seen...

the second one is a "date" with jonghyun... and the mpd guy. neither videos are subbed yet.

some of the performances are missing from the mpd video but he did two of his own songs and then covers of a handful of songs that he's composed / written for other artists, including: exo's "playboy", lim kim's "no more" and iu's "우울시계 (a gloomy clock)".



déjà-boo (acoustic ver.)

우울시계 (a gloomy clock)

i actually can't find a high quality version of his lim kim cover yet..., but i'll add one later if i do.

source(s): @jonghyun.948 / minhole (i) / banzzakz2 / noon cha / diana c. / rubiya bam (i, ii) / guilty pleasure
Tags: concert, jonghyun, shinee

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