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Magazine Photoshoots: T.O.P., G Dragon, Zion.T

T.O.P. covers Dazed Korea's October issue

Cover of New @dazedkorea October issue. #becauseiamdifferent.
Model @choi_seung_hyun_tttop.
Wear #diorhomme
Shoot by #kimheejun
Styling #jieun
Hair @mizangwonbytaehyun
Makeup #imhaekyung
Directing @bebekimxx.

G Dragon x Guiseppe Zanotti for W Korea

Q: How do you feel after seeing the results of this collaboration?
GD: This is exactly what I wanted. Not only females will be excited and wanting it when they see the shoes, but also males to be excited when they see it. The shoes that will be able to stir up both males' and females' feelings.
Q: Mr Zanotti once said “Never underestimate the value/importance of shoes.” Do you agree with this statement? Do shoes have any special meaning in your life?
GD: I agree. I have an obsession with collecting shoes since I was young. Until now, the last thing I will check before I leave my house is my shoes. Just by looking at a person's shoes, you can tell a person's sense of orientation etc. To the extent that shoes are a very important life companion.
Q: If you were to give this pair of shoes as a gift, who will you give it to?
GD: I want to give it to the BIGBANG members.
Q: Use three words to describe/express this collection?
GD: Rock and Roll.

Zion.T "I'm Gentle" for 1st Look Korea

Source: dazedkorea,,, aboutbigbang

NOTE: edited to add translation of W Korea interview.
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