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IKon’s Bobby Fulfilled His Wish of Moving His Family to Korea

Anyone who’s watched any show iKON’s Bobby has been on, whether its ‘Who Is Next’, ‘Mix & Match’, or ‘SMTM3’, will know that Bobby loves his family, especially his mom so much and misses them terribly living so far away.

Bobby had moved to Korea at a young age to become a YG Entertainment trainee, leaving his family back in Virginia in the U.S.

On numerous occasions over the years, Bobby has mentioned his dream to bring his family, especially his mom, over to Korea and live together. He mentioned that in his audition tape, and on all three shows he’s been on. When he won ‘SMTM’ last year, he also said that he could now bring his mom over to live with him, and mentioned his family several times in the lyrics of his ‘SMTM’ songs.

And his wish has finally come true! According to a reliable source from YG Entertainment, it’s been reported that Bobby has now been able to move his parents to Seoul. He was able to show them his performances, and overcome with emotion, he was said to have shed tears

This must be the time of Bobby’s life now, with iKON debuting and his family with him in Korea. We’re so happy for him!

Source: YGunited

It must have been really tough for him to leave his family at such a young age, even if it was by choice, and seeing him and his mom together on M&M was so sweet. I'm glad they're back together as a family again.
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