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Fake arm cast sales on the rise during Chuseok

The best Chuseok gift for women?
From The Korea Times | September 18, 2015

It’s that time of the year. With Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, right around the corner, fake arm casts are once again brisk sellers for those housewives seeking to avoid heavy duty holiday chores.

Online vendors originally began selling fake casts around 10 years ago for April Fools’ Day and as props for stage performances, but the wives (and those husbands who know better) quickly caught on. Now information about how to use the fake casts and how to make them look real are even shared on online communities and social network services.

The fad has many reasons behind it in Korea where women do most of the work preparing meals on traditional holidays while men usually chat, drink alcohol or watch television. Due to the unequal gender roles, many women suffer enormous stress and physical fatigue called “daughter-in-law holiday syndrome” before, during and after traditional holidays. Read more...Collapse )

wat. Omona, what kind of white lies do you use to get out of social obligations?
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