1:16 pm - 09/19/2015

Korea has their own Rachel Dolezal! UR2 contestant Truedy under fire for cultural appropriation

Truedy, a contestant on Mnet's survival show, 'Unpretty Rapstar', has been recently getting attention for apparently being mixed as she mentions about being "the first black people" in Korea through her lyrics: "This is Truedy flow feel ma voice / Check ma soul I’m from Seoul, can you believe it? Seoul City soul / The first black people in Korea / I’ve never been under but I’ve been to the real bottom / I came up here without anyone, all by myself".

A fan called her out on instagram, telling her that if she isn't mixed, she shouldn't act like she is because being black is not a costume:

Truedy's replied the user with the following message: "Hello, this is Truedy. If that is how I make you feel, I am sorry. However, I love Black culture and that is what I am doing (TN: That part is sketchy since it can mean she likes doing it or that is what she is trying to do). Again if I made you feel bad, I am sorry. I will delete these comments. It seems like the best thing not only for me but for you too. Good night."

source: @MockCeption / Nan Nappeun Keijibe @ OneHallyu / jennaayy @ OneHallyu

what are your thoughts abt it, omona?
baeby_bloo_skys 19th-Sep-2015 07:04 pm (UTC)
I mean, everyone was saying her rap proved she was mixed-race, and I was just sitting here like...as a Korean person listening to those lyrics, I hope she is, but I think she perhaps is not??
I randomly ran across a YT video with San E, Lil Cham, and Tymee a couple days ago where they discuss S2. They start talking about Truedy and how she sounds unique, and I think Tymee says I thought maybe she was a gyo-po (ethnic Korean in a different country, but most commonly refers to Korean-Americans) or mixed-race. Then San E says oh her hometown is Eunpyeong-gu. He doesn't specifically say she's not mixed-race, but the insinuation is there. Her similarities with Yoon Mirae are too uncanny, which is what threw me off at first. The reason Yoon Mirae sounds like that when she raps is because she speaks English and Korean. It's very obvious that her Korean is accented (not in a bad way) because English is her first language, and she sounds the same when she raps as when she talks. For Truedy to sound the exact same would mean that she probably had a similar background, but she was born and raised in Korea?
I'm pretty sure the iffy translation part is her saying she loves Black culture and she's just doing what she loves.
EDIT: Also, the lyrics more accurately translate to "The first Black people to be raised by Korea" A lot of people seem to be taking this as her being Black-Korean, but lbr there are a ton of mixed-race people that have come before her so why would she be the first? The way I understood this line was she's the first "Black" person who is Korean i.e. a Korean person born and raised, but appropriating Black culture as her own.

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miwa201 19th-Sep-2015 07:36 pm (UTC)
yeah people couldn't accurately translate that sentence bc nobody understood what she actually meant. if that's what she actually means wtf....
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