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The Genius 4 - Episode 12 [Eng]

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Episode 12: Part 1 | Part 2

13 contestants with a special talent or skill compete against each other in games where 1 person is eliminated in each episode.


[Spoiler (click to open)]
EP 01 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.80 %
EP 02 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.45 %
EP 03 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 2.34 %
EP 04 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.76 %
EP 05 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.99 %
EP 06 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.95 %
EP 07 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / - RATING: 2.31 %
EP 08 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.91 %
EP 09 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 2.51 %
EP 10 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 2.25 %
EP 11 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS - / - RATING: 2.29 %
EP 12 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / - RATING: 3.18 %



[Spoiler (click to open)]

Jang Dongmin

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Kim Kyunghoon


[Spoiler (click to open)]About him and Dealer Noona having a 'some':
"I don't even know her contact information. There's no way to be close to the dealers. The PDs make it so that we can't get close to one another."
"I saw that the PDs put in a loveline. Hong Dealer is a fun character in this bleak studio. It seems like she's someone who laughs a lot, but since she's a dealer, there's a lot of things that she has to hold in. So I played a lot of jokes to get her to explode in laughter. It seems like those parts were put in BTS in a fun way."

On hwishiks ((company) meals together):
"Since the filming of the first episode of "The Genius 4", whenever recording ends, we'd have a hwishik. We decided that the bill for all the hwishiks would be paid by the final winner. The PDs first paid for it and collected all the receipts. Each episode, even the eliminated players all come saying "I'm going to eat $10000 worth" and eat a lot."
"I don't know exactly how much the bill is, but it's a lot. For the last hwishik, it's probably almost $6000. The first round was $4500, and this time, the "Genius" team even went on a MT. I had another schedule, so I couldn't go, but they said to send the bill to me."

On Hyunmin and his upcoming broadcast career
"He's a smart friend. He's good-looking and smart, so he seems like he'll be popular. But there are things that, as a hyung, I'm worried about, so I'll have to advise him well."
"Oh Hyunmin's agency representative is a close hyung of mine. So I told him, "He's a good hyung, so trust him". We talked a lot about that and about how to do well in broadcasts."

And about whether he's going to give his prize money to Jinho
"I won't give it. I'm going to use the prize money on my debt."

OP: Dongmin jokingly promised Jinho his prize money of another program on Crime Scene. Jinho posted this after the finale:

Source: Bumdidlyumptious, al_hazel @ onehallyu, one004 @ onehallyu for article translation, Jinho's instagram

Guys, did you enjoy this season and the finale? Did the right guy win? What's your favourite season out of all four?
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