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Ranking of boy groups that got acknowledged for their talents


2) Bigbang

3) SHINee

4) B2ST

5) Infinite



Pann: Ranking of idols that got acknowledged for their talents

1. [+218, -273] TVXQ > SHINee > BTOB >= B2ST > Bigbang > Infinite. Bigbang has good senses in music and they're unique. I don't think they're amazingly talented or anything. I'm talking about their singing.

2. [+185, -162] BTOB should be higher than Infinite. Some Infinite members are still controversial.

3. [+159, -29] I knew people would say Infinite should be placed lower ㅋㅋ

4. [+73, -46] SHINee is the one that swallowed their CDs, what did Infinite swallow ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did they swallow saliva?

5. [+60, -1] I'm a Melody and I'm happy to see my bias placed at #6. I hope people would stop arguing about the ranking.

6. [+57, -14] I'm a non-fan but I think BTOB is more talented than Infinite. I'm not saying that Infinite is not talented and Infinite has more experiences but judging by their pure talents, BTOB is better than Infinite.

7. [+54, -22] Isn't SHINee's singing better than Bigbang's? I'm not a fan.

8. [+49, -78] Since when did people start consider Infinite as a talented group??? It's my first time of hearing it.

9. [+41, -27] Infinite? Sungjong, Sungyeol, and L are talented?

10. [+36, -9] I thought SHINee is more talented than Bigbang... But they're all good and talented with good visuals.

source: pann via kpopkfans, smtown
mmm vocally shinee would be #1 imo even though i like big bang's music more (in general)
Tags: big bang, btob, dong bang shin ki, highlight, infinite, list, netizens, shinee

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