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SEVENTEEN's Debut album goes into extra production due to demand

After debuting with the mini-album 17CARAT in May 2015, SEVENTEEN has been dubbed as super-rookies as their 2nd EP continues to exceed expectations.

According to Pledis Entertainment agencies on September 18th, with the release SEVENTEEN’s 2nd EP BOYS BE there has been high interest in their debut album making its unit sales jump to over 50,000 copies sold.

SEVENTEEN has been attracting new fans with their new title track “Mansae,” growing their fanbase. With new attraction of this jump in popularity, 10,000 additional albums of 17CARAT have been ordered to production.

One of the things that has attracted fans to SEVENTEEN and their album is due to several members of the group directly participating in their album’s production, something that can be found in all of their album releases so far. In fact, fans have praised the high quality of their albums, giving it a much deeper meaning as it was handles by SEVENTEEN themselves.

Meanwhile, they are currently promoting their album and title track “Mansae” and are scheduled to appear on Weekly Idol as well as guest on an upcoming episode of SNL Korea 6.

Source: Koreaboo, TV Report

Can't tell if pledis is media playing, but don't care my babies are getting recognition Q.Q

also i want to see them slay at random dance play
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