It's that thin, that wild mercury sound. (mercury_sound) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
It's that thin, that wild mercury sound.

Hanhae, Incredivle & Seo Chul-goo are adorable @ Tablo's Dreaming Radio

Hanhae - Man Of The Year

Incredivle - Oppa Car feat. Tablo

Seo Chul-goo/Xitsuh - Freestyle (I think the others only gave him the words "Oppa Car" as inspiration.)

source: MBCkpop 1, 2, 3
This is already a bit older, but I didn't want to keep it from you guys. I think the theme of the episode was something like "most memorable eliminations of SMTM4". The atmosphere seems to have been very fun; I love hearing the others in the background of these performances. Also, I don't understand a lot of what he says, but even I realise that Seo Chul-goo is incredible at freestyling.
Tags: hip hop, phantom, radio, show me the money, tablo

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