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Clara Settles Lawsuit With Polaris Entertainment

Actress Clara and her former agency Polaris Entertainment have come to a settlement.

According to the two sides’ representatives, the two have decided to settle their lawsuit to terminate Clara’s contract with the agency. Hence, the hearing that was scheduled for September 21 was also cancelled.

One associate of Clara told DongA, “Clara and Polaris Entertainment’s legal case has come to an end. The two have decided to go their own ways.”

They further commented, “Clara hasn’t decided what to do next. She will probably take a break as the long case has come to an end. It isn’t time for her to start looking for another company just yet.”

Clara and Polaris were involved in a lawsuit for the last 10 months, after Clara sued the company CEO for sexual harassment, demanding a termination of contract. Polaris refuted with a lawsuit of their own, accusing Clara of blackmailing. However, she was proven innocent in July.

Soompi, 스포츠동아 via naver
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