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Epik Highgrnd updates - Tukutz baby, Highgrnd new artist, Amor Fati video

Tukutz is going to be a daddy - again!

On 9/21, Tukutz posted a picture to his Instagram of him holding what looks like a sonogram image (and possibly a pregnancy test box?) with the caption "Yoonwoo's got a younger sibling #13 weeks." Congratulations to Tukutz and his (growing) family!

On 9/20, a teaser image was posted to the HIGHGRND instagram showing a framed picture with the name of their first artist, Hyukoh, and a blank space on the wall next to it with a partially wrapped picture of the same size on the floor below, stamped with the text "HIGHGRND" and "2015.09.21." Fans figured out that this was a teaser for the announcement of a new artist under the label.

At the promised time, the official HIGHGRND Youtube account posted a video revealing that the new artist was producer Code Kunst, who previously worked on Tablo and Joey Bada$$'s collab "Hood."

The official Epik High Youtube account recently uploaded a video for their song "Amor Fati," but rather than being officially produced by their record company, this video was fan-made. The credit for the video is listed as UGI Production, and it seems they've gotten so much attention since the video was posted that their site is pulling up a 503 error, which can mean that the server has been overloaded with too much traffic at once. The video is like a mini-movie and has a futuristic theme, featuring an alien-looking woman on a beach and a person flying a spaceship over the Earth.

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