boxcuttergirl (boxcuttergirl) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

AlphaBAT's Delta to Make a Solo Debut!

2015. 09. 22. 12PM.
#AlphaBAT #Delta #Iota

[Dːelta] This is Yeonsoo.

Hello. This is Yeonsoo.
I know very well that the fans have been waiting for AlphaBAT’s album for a long time.
I feel very sorry that our album release keeps getting delayed.

I believe that a person can have circumstances that cannot be said. And that there is a reason to every event as we live along..

I feel a bit worried and sorry to announce my solo song in the midst of this situation.
I don’t know why I feel this way.
But since I’ve prepared diligently with the best I can
I’d appreciate if you could listen to it pleasantly.

The weather is getting colder. Be careful of catching a cold.

sources: yeonsoozz, legendeu

he has such a beautiful voice, i hope he does well!!
Tags: alphabat, debut

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