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TWICE Round-Up: SNS Cuteness + Looming Debut?? + Squirtle Nayeon's Birthday!

JYP Entertainment's newest girl group has been busy lately, supporting their labelmates' endeavors - and possibly hinting at their impending debut?

Twice's members were recently spotted at Junho's solo concert, sporting hats and hoodies to cover up their hair. The following day, several members were seen outside the JYP building in the same state, and now members are even teasing fans with photos of their Hoodie Fashion on the group's instagram!

[Fantaken Photos]



[Sana and Momo on Instagram]

[Ridiculous kids supporting Day6]

lmao these kids

[Old photo/potential debut hint?]

[MiMoSa + Accidental matching outfits]

[Shikshin revealed!]

[Twicetagram post]

[Lena posts birthday wishes!]

top photo: Junho's twitter
fantaken photos: drop the beat, delta trap (1, 2) cherrycokk
instagram posts: twicetagram (1, trans) (2) (3, trans) (4, trans) (5, trans) (6, trans) (7, trans) / lenaahnn (trans)

it's happeningggggg!! for those who are interested, a twice pimp post can be found here - now seems like the best time if you haven't fallen in love already.

jihyo's hair is confirmed to be bright red, tzuyu's seems to be dark brown/black. momo/sana/mina and jungyeon have been the most intense about covering theirs up - there's a rumor going around that momo's is platinum blonde (and that's why she's covering her eyebrows as well) but so far that's just speculation.
Tags: 2pm, jyp entertainment, pre-debut, social media/youtube

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