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IU Celebrates 7th Anniversary With 700 Lucky Fans

This a Fanmeeting compilation post

150918 From IU - A hated age of 7

Hello, my uaena family members
Have you guys been well? Well I have!
I’m back again on this day of 18th September.
Time passes quickly right?
It’s been a year since I wore the fluorescent (neon yellow neon yellow) bandana at the fanmeeting..!!
Meanwhile seems like we’ve gained many new members?
Nice to meet you!! Hahaha
(Newcomers go level up to Mia so we can hurry and play in the comments section together)
It’s the hated age of 7.. IU is 7 years now everyone!! Kekekekeke
(Blow my candles for me and put up fireworks for me!!)
This year, I had fun with each schedule, in the hopes of doing well for each of them and everything was going well and before I realised, it’s already my 7th anniversary, so that’s probably why..
But some of you probably already know.. 8 is actually my favourite number, so next year I’ll probably be mad with happiness...

Anyway, although it’s already my 7th anniversary, there’s still lots that I’m thrilled about.
I’m not sick of it yet. Of being IU! Creating more memories together with our uaena, consoling each other, giving each other strength, appreciating each other and working hard too.
Each day is good in a different way. Thank you, I’ll make your days really interesting!
I’ll make you go kkyak-kkyak kkyaleuleu kkyaleuleuleu omg omg grin shock heart-fluttering.
Hehe my interesting album will be out soon I’m really excited recently because of the stress from that!! Even when I stay still, my palms sweat and my blood flows quickly back and forth Heuhaha
Hope the fresh autumn arrives soon!
I want to gather more people and put up loud fireworks.... keke but I still prefer it such that we can whisperwhisper to one another and I didn’t intend for ticketing for the fanmeeting turned out to be a big fight, so I’m sorry about that....
Since it’s 700 seats this year, won’t it be 800 next year?
Haha thank you uaena hearteu hearteu

Translated By Squishy with Love

IU entrance

I'm 23 (clip)

(saddly YT blocked the full version of this fancam ㅠ.ㅠ)

IU makes a toast (with imaginary soju)

'Cindy' making U&I dance

and robot dance

Playing with Chamisul iu cardboard

Interview with Bunniu

Picture time!

iu singing Heart with ueanas

'I had a dream about a ghost' aegyo

iu singing 'Ueana Song' with ueanas (her fans)



When the anniversary fanmeet ended every fan got a USB Gif with pictures and this greeting video:

[Translation By Meaning Of IU]
IU: Hello, this is IU. I’ve you’re watching this the FM has ended. Was today fun? I wondered what I should do to make it fun. In order to make it a time that you guys will enjoy, I prepared everything with my heart. LOEN and I gathered a lot of ideas together

At 0:40 She starts talking about the USB which contains this video. She gave it to a fan. She says that those are selcas that she really cherishes. She worked hard while taking those.

1:29 IU: It’s been a long time, so I’ve prepared the Uaena Song! (smiles) I’m going to sing it live. Today .. the uaena song live .. our manager (laughs)

1:38 He’ll help today .. [Hunter oppa is being shown| she says something about his new hairdo, then shows chipmunk manager while talking about their hair]

1:56 IU: Hunter oppa say hi. (manager oppa bows) So, now we’ll sing the Uaena song. Are you ready Hunter-ssi?

Manager Oppa: (nods) Yes

IU: Let’s start (starts playing the guitar and to sing)

3:22 IU: Should we do it one more time?

Manager Oppa: No, I’m fine (but they sing again lol)

3:33 Manager Oppa: Wait wait! (laughing)

3:39 IU: Ah, I’m sorry! (laughs)

3:44 IU: I’m starting (to manager oppa)

4:15 IU: Whoaaa~ (clapping)

Manager Oppa: We failed (we are ruined?) [not sure]

Trans by meaningofiu

Now if you go to 2:00 IU ask Chipmunk manager to sing 'Ueana Song' with her, aaaahhh poor boy, he's shy

(we won't see pics from USB tho, iu asked fan not to share them on internet)

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