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JYP and P-Type to Release Collaboration


JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young will be releasing a collaboration with rapper P-Type on September 24!

P-Type is an established rapper in the Korean underground scene, who’s been in the business for over sixteen years and also taught 2NE1‘s CL. He’s currently signed with the agency Brand New Music. He recently appeared as a contestant on “Show Me the Money 4,” but was eliminated early on in the show.

Park Jin Young talked about the collaboration on his Instagram on the afternoon of September 23. He writes, “I really felt for P-Type when I saw the scene where he was eliminated on ‘Show Me the Money 4.’ Maybe because I’m now at an age where I have more hoobaes than sunbaes, it didn’t feel like it was happening to someone else.”

“But for some reason I thought it seemed like he must have a woman who would comfort him, so I wrote a song about her,” he adds. “Although we didn’t know each other, I got his number and gave him a call. It turns out that he does have a wife that’s precious to him, who he hasn’t yet been able to hold a formal wedding ceremony with.”

“‘All I Need’ is a song that was written, sung, and rapped with sincerity,” Park Jin Young writes. “It will be released on September 24 at noon.”

Are you looking forward to hearing this collaboration between Park Jin Young and P-Type?

Source: Soompi, Naver
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