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New Music For You

Sunny Days - Blah Blah

They keep getting new members. I guess not getting big keeps chasing people out of the group

Pardon - 아프다 (Feat. 선민)

Hwayobi - 전화 받지

BewhY - In Trinity

Nu.D – Soulmate

December – Heaven

Super Junior – Magic

준호( JunHo 2PM) – So Good

Berry Good – My First Love

소유(Soyou) & 권정열(Kwon Jeongyeol) - 어깨 (Lean on me)

유지UJi (BESTie) - Autumn Leaves(걷던 )

I'm always so lazy to make music posts, but thought I'd give it a shot today. Hopefully I wwon't be too lazy for a rock or R&B post in the near future...

Always Sunny Days   Crimson Avenger   MumbleBeatMusic S09   Sexy Street & Yello Music   CJENMUSIC Official   Sojutube F   SMTOWN jypentertainment   Official Channel Berry Good   starship TV 1theK
Tags: 2pm, bestie, hip hop, indie, lee junho, music, nugu, r&b, sistar, super junior

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