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Netizens discuss Top 5 Male Rookie Visuals

1. iKon Jinhwan

On Jinhwan, the netizen comments, “I didn’t really notice him before but ever since he dyed his hair…he’s turned so handsome. Is he a doll or a person? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”.

2. Seventeen's Vernon

“No need for words here……I thought that the first one was a photo shoot but apparently it was a fansigning…”

3. Seventeen's Wonwoo

“He’s not at Vernon’s level but still….”

4. Monsta X's Hyungwon

“This guy! He is a classic example of a guy that every girl dreams about. Big eyes high nose and perfect facial shape.”

5. iKon's Jinwoo

“You might think Jinwoo of WINNER but I didn’t include WINNER because they’re not really rookies..”

[+134, -8] When I saw 17’s Minkyu on the MV I fell in love

[+101, -18] Seventeen’s Joshua is handsome as well

[+86, -21] The last guy kind of looks plastic though

Source: Koreaboo, Pann (1,2)

The whole list should be 17 members tbh

edit: and b4 all five of the ikon fans freak out about jinwoo (too late), i didn't make this list lol so sit down
Tags: ikon, list, monsta x, seventeen

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