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rolling stone's fifty greatest boy group songs of all time! and your k-pop representatives are...


so, rolling stone just released a list of their fifty greatest boy group songs... ever! the list is a pretty wide mixture of what you'd expect (your n*sync's, your backstreet boy's, your one direction's) but a few of our favorite boy groups made the cut, so..., check it out behind the cut.

42. infinite's "the chaser".

not only a crown jewel in the discography of famously in-sync k-pop septet infinite, but "the chaser" is also the masterpiece of sweetune, the production duo renown for giving the genre a retro kick. opening with a waterfall of eighties synths, "the chaser" brought their dramatic, synth-pop sound to an emotional apex via this unforgiving blend of trumpet blasts and dynamic guitar licks answering the boys' heartfelt belts.

36. seo taiji and the boys' nan arayo (i know).

seo taiji and the boys are credited for helming the shiny, explosive, fabulously pre-fab korean pop scene that we know today, kicking everything off with their game-changing 1992 debut single, "nan arayo (i know)." the track blended then-trendy american new jack swing with korean lyrics to tremendous success, spawning a wave of similarly sounding boy bands and girl groups and establishing the scene's still-strong affection for multi-member outfits as opposed to solo acts.

31. tvxq's "mirotic".

"mirotic" was one of the earliest singles from veteran K-pop act tvxq! that established them as critically lauded recording artists in addition an existing role as a massive chart force. the fizzy electro-pop cut topped the charts in japan, and helped the band's "mirotic" lp win at that year's golden disc awards, korea's closest equivalent to the grammys. the song also had its share of controversy: the korean commission of youth protection initially deemed the "i got you under my skin" hook as "lewd," requiring its accompanying ep to have parental advisory stickers; and the single couldn't be aired on television earlier than 10 pm. the band's label, sm entertainment, filed an injunction lawsuit and won.

22. big bang's "fantastic baby".

this instantly accessible single from k-pop phenomenon big bang blew off many doors of american crossover with little effort on the band's part. the track has been used in trailers for "pitch perfect 2", its corresponding ep became the first k-pop album to chart in the states and its music video is youtube's top-viewed k-pop clip that isn't psy. domestically, "fantastic baby" is a staple party hit — the quintet has performed it for the past three years at the mnet asian music awards, korea's equivalent to the mtv vmas. this modern-day essential showcases k-pop's genre-bending, visually-oriented charms.

12. shinee's sherlock.

"sherlock" isn't an entirely original song, but instead the combination of two separate tracks by korean quintet shinee. mashing up two cuts off the band's 2012 "sherlock" ep — the bouncy hip-hopper "clue" and the impressive vocal track "note" — "sherlock" was touted as korea's first "hybrid remix" single. as an already beloved, already chart-topping boy band under korea's biggest music label, sm entertainment, the jackson 5-recalling tune shows how innovative and experimental k-pop can get, even for its most mainstream acts.

source(s): rolling stone / mnet / sean choi / sment / big bang (official youtube) / smtown

so..., discuss.
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