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Viva Hate

Jin Vs Steak

[Eng trans]
“This could be the biggest steak I’ve seen in my life

I feel like I’ve turned into a tiger”

Jungkook: This is delicious!
“Do you want some more?”
J-Hope: Call! I like that!
Jungkook: I think this would be more than enough.
J-Hope: Do you want to try?
Rap Monster: No.
J-Hope: Lobster tastes great. Try some!
Suga: The lobster tastes like crab.
J-Hope: But what is this anyway?
J-Hope: Wow~ The lobster’s~
J-Hope: Dope! Dope! It’s dope!
Jimin: Please eat well~
J-Hope: It’s tasty~
Rap Monster: Which one?
J-Hope: This! This!
Jin: Lobster.
Rap Monster: Right, you were eating lobster.
“This is good.”
“This is more delicate!”
J-Hope: This tastes better.
J-Hope: It’s tasty!
“Try some.”
“Can I try?”
“I’m full~”
Jimin: He’s almost done eating.
J-Hope: You’re amazing!
Jimin: Jin hyung, please answer this honestly. You could eat one more portion right?
Jin: I won’t be able to finish the whole thing.
Jimin: But you’ve ate almost!
Rap Monster: I don’t think even athletes would be able to finish that.
Jimin: I think this is not enough for Jin hyung…
Jin: I’m done eating!

Video Source: BTS Blog Trans Source= ✿ gogumee

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