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[SCANS] Amber and Luna x The Star ✨ (october issue)


What does f(x) wish to achieve for this upcoming come back besides getting no.1?
Luna: After all, we can't get everyone to love us, but for the people who love our music, we want to give them good music, thats why this coming album contains many messages that say "we are one"

What will you be doing after 10 years later?
Amber: Probably still be f(x)? But we won't be able to dance anymore.
Luna: Unnie lets not dance when we grow old, but by the time, f(x) music/songs would have change a lot. How about we each hold a instrument and sing to a slow music? (laughs)

f(x) is known for their unique style of music, was there a time where the both of you went "what is this?" when you first heard the song?
Amber: Everything for Luna! We became really used to it now not long ago I received a new song demo, Luna said "Amber unnie, what song is this, what happen, its so weird." and she hated that song a lot though I think it wasn't that bad but when we went to record the song she said again "Unnie, I like this song so much! This is the best song of all!" what a mood changer!
Luna: And thats the song in our 4th full length album! Its one of my favorite song! (laughs)

What did you do during the 6th anniversary?
Luna: It was the first day of In the Heights musical, after my performance, I thought "It's the 6th anniversary but there's nothing." but then the members did a surprise visit at the door, they didn't even send me a message about it. and I heard Victoria unnie came straight from the airport after her overseas schedule.
Amber: Luna gets fooled easily, I mean, we did this few years back too but she still gets fooled!

Is there a party concept that you really wished to try at least once?
Luna: Pool party! f(x) members like wines 84 champagnes. Lee Soo Man teacher also like wine. I want to try doing those desserts that suit the wine tastes.
Amber: I want to have a puppy party. We all love animals, we can bring our own pets and open a party.

Luna recently started the musical "In the Heights?"
Luna: *she talks about the story of the musical which I'm sure it was translated before in other articles lol*
Amber: I haven't get to watch, I'll go watch it soon but I don't think there is a need, I've seen her practicing a lot of times, the CD in the car is also the musical CD, I did most of the practice with her, I think I've already seen it all.

Lets talk about f(x), you recently just celebrated your 6th anniv, was only 10's when u debut what changes now that you are in your 20's?
Luna: We became more relaxed/free. Previously we only look at one goal and one place, getting no.1 and letting people know more about f(x) was our focus, now all of us holds our own goal and is looking at the world bigger/wider, we no longer chase the time.
Amber: Ah.. I want to become more relax too but for me its responsibility! Because I've became an adult, I've got more things to be responsible to. Such as insurance, tax, hospital bills, there are many things to manage. Now I sign my house contract, my bankbook has my name in it. Doing such things myself makes me feel proud of it.

Amber, you recently said in your sns: "6 years ago I decided to jump on the plane to korea and chase my dream" I'm curious about how you feel that time.
Amber: I went with my feelings. Came here blindly while thinking that this is a chance for loving music.
Luna: I really want to give a big applause, coming to korea with the language, cultural change and many other things, its really amazing. but unnie works harder than anyone else who loves korean music and makes korean music, thats why the members are supporting that hard work you've done.
Amber: The world is becoming more international. As a foreigner I want to help on that relation. When Luna asks me about foreign musics I can answer her and I can tell about the korean culture to other foreign people. Looking at such things, I think the world is becoming more closer to each other. Foreign friends who are in Korea always share that they want to have new experiences in Korea.

pictures: cr. tasty_amber (1, 2, 3), fuckyeah-fx (tasty_amber - 꽃팥빙함수@DC)
translations by etherealx_ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
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