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In anticipation of Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, MUTZINE will be looking back at the prominent runway trends from the past five years. This week, we talk about how Spring/Summer 2013 was the season of lime green, peplums, and exposed thighs. Refresh your memory of past seasons by reading our previous coverage of SS11 and SS12.


Last year, orange was the trendy color found in almost every spring collection. While hints of the orange trend lingered into 2013, another citrus color dominated the runways. Lime green was the accent color du jour for both men and women. Lime green is a strangely specific shade of green that inches closer to yellow, giving an inherent zest to outfits.

For women, lime green was presented in various different fabrics, all manipulated into dresses. Kwak Hyun Joo created a playful skater dress made from neoprene, creating a full, structured skirt. Big Park featured a leather piece in lime green. Korea’s top designer Lie Sang Bong draped an asymmetrical dress in a light green while Bakangchi created a strong-shouldered dress with a muted green linen. Thought not quite lime green, Jarret’s simple shift was a chartreuse hue, sitting on the edge of green and yellow.

The menswear iteration of the lime green trend was to wear the color from head to toe. Kimseoryong presented a complete jacket and shorts look. Worn together, the complete outfit makes a loud statement. ZE QUUN created a more relaxed and casual way to wear lime green. As a full outfit, the electric color and shapes are reminiscent of the 80’s. With the pieces worn separately, it would be an easy way to introduce lime green into a daily wardrobe.


Peplums, once found on every 80’s prom dress, underwent a runway revival in 2012 in the European fashion weeks. The new peplum was refined and adapted for eveningwear and casual day wear. The Korean spin on the trend was to play with the fabric’s rigidity – some were unmoving while others were more free-flowing. Additionally, the peplum was made into a removable accessory.

Lie Sang Bong took a more classic approach and presented a stiff peplum attached to the skirt. The geometric shape and red color of the peplum accentuated the waist. How and What created a harness-like peplum made of leather. Styled over a smart, work-appropriate sheath, the addition of the studded leather peplum easily added edge to the outfit. Steve J & Yoni P also presented removable peplums that were open at the front and added volume to the hip. Low Classic paired a pleated peplum with a button up shirt and denim, it providing a casual styling option.

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What SFW runway trends do you see in K-Pop MVs?

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