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BTOB's Minhyuk Joins Kim So Hyun In 'Nightmare Teacher'

There are seven members in the band BTOB and actress Kim So Hyun has already acted with one of them. Soon she will act with another.

Kim So Hyun appeared with BTOB member Yook Sung Jae in "Who Are You - School 2015?" And they had plenty of chemistry that helped make the drama a success. Now she is set to appear with a second BTOB member Lee Min Hyuk in the web drama "Nightmare Teacher."

According to the Korean media outlet Naver TV, both Kim and Lee will play students who attend a mysterious school. Their characters are best friends. Kim So Hyun plays Ye Rim, a smart attractive student who is class president. Lee plays Sang Woo, a curious student with a strong sense of justice. When they notice that mysterious things are happening in their school, they try to find out what's causing them.

When the students at their school dream about what they want to happen, the next day they act in unexpected ways. The mysterious events have something to do with their new teacher Han Bong Gu, played by Uhm Ki Joon. The strange events only started to happen after Han Bong Gu shows up at the school.

Kim So Hyun has been acting since she was seven and her nine-year career includes roles in such dramas as "Moon Embracing The Sun," "Rooftop Prince," "I Hear Your Voice," "The Suspicious Housekeeper" and "Triangle." Until recently she played the younger versions of other actresses but in the last few years she has graduated to young adult and leading roles. She can be seen next year in the film "Pure Love" with another idol actor, EXO's Do Kyung Soo.

Lee Min Hyuk, 24, does not have as many acting credits as his co-star Kim So Hyun, but he has some experience. He had a role in the 2014 legal drama "A New Leaf" and had a cameo in the hit drama "The Heirs." The group BTOB debuted in 2012 and was formed by Cube Entertainment. In 2013 the group won a Next Generation Star award at the 27th Golden Disk Awards.

"Nightmare Teacher' will film in Daegu once casting is complete.
source: kdramastars, borntobeat

sungjae, 20 irl, plays a 28 year old while minhyuk, 25 irl, plays a high school student... k
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