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Rhythmic Gymnastics Queens perform SNSD Lionheart

Rhythmic Gymnastics is becoming immensely popular in South Korea, thanks to the national "fairy" Son Yeonjae. With her cute looks, shy demure and undeniable talent, Son Yeonjae has gained tremendous popularity among the public, with an almost idol-like status. She has done several endorsements , appeared on various variety shows and was also an ambassador during the 2015 World University Games in Gwangju. Rhythmic All-stars is an annual gala show held in South Korea where the best gymnasts worldwide is invited to perform, and it is aired on national TV. The participants covered SNSD's Lionheart for the opening of day 2. Other than Son Yeonjae (who placed 5th in the 2012 Olympics), participants include Belarussian Melitina Staniouta (ranked world 3rd), and Russians Margarita Mamun (world 2nd). Another collaborative stage was performed with singer 알리(ALi), who is most well known as a contestant in the Masked Singer.

[Watch it here- its beautiful]

Source: Information from OP's head (lol), aa1227gt YT (1,2,3), siti aminah YT, MBC Entertainment

I'm not sure how interested Omona is in Son Yeonjae (I'm not kidding about how popular she is in South Korea though), but I thought this is quite a cute cover, and not bad considering it was probably rehearsed in one day. It's pretty amazing because this is world champions (and rivals) coming together through Kpop! They also performed their normal routines in the show, such as this, do give it a watch uwu.
Tags: cover, girls generation, sports

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