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Yoo Ah In Is the First Male Actor to Grace the Front Cover of Vogue

Yoo Ah In is the first male actor to grace the covers of Vogue for its October issue.

Though Lee Byung Hyun, Hyun Bin, and G-Dragon have posed for the front cover in the past, they had partners with them as well. Yoo Ah In is the first to break the stereotype of a female model front cover for a fashion magazine.

It is also unprecedented that there are three different versions of the cover. In the close up version, he looks charismatic as he glares into the camera with a fur coat caressing his face.

In the top half portrait, he shows off his French chic look. The mix and match between the tattoo on the back of his hand and his beret add a unique twist to the image. His face is slightly held upwards as he closes his right eye and pokes his chin with his left hand.

The last version of the cover portrays him as an homme fatale. He is wearing an all-black suit with a few buttons opened at the top. The daringly red flower on his chest sends out a bold fashion statement, as well as his bare feet.

The images become even more unique in the actual pictorial. From hippie Indian to preppy and all-black chic, he showcases several different designs.

In the hippie Indian outfit, he is wearing black sweats with a large hairpiece and a metal mask. He poses with the ease of an actual model, his hands stuck in his pockets as he lazily smiles into the camera.

For the preppy theme, he wears a polka dot denim jacket with thickly rimmed glassed and his hair down. Even his poses turn cuter for the concept, as he opens his eyes round and wide. He puts on a goofy expression as he covers his mouth with one hand.

He makes a 180 degree transformation for his charismatic image. The red suit he is wearing shows off his long limbs and gives him a macho man look.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In has returned to the theaters with movies such as “Veteran” and “The Throne.” He will also meet fans through the new TV show “Six Flying Dragons” starting from October 5.

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