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Day6 shows support for Got7's Mad on Instagram

Day6, the longtime friends and label mates of Got7, have shared their support for Got7's comeback through Instagram!

Trans: Got7 If You Do #DamnnnSonnnn #GetIt #2ndProfessionalFingerPointer

Trans: the song is really good. i’m listening and watching it over and over again. ha my friends and my dongsaengs are really handsome #JYP #Got7 #Day6 #jaebum #mark #jinyoung #jackson #yugyeom #youngjae #bambam #ifyoudo #idotoo #imjaebumthecarry*👊🏻
*“carry” is used to describe the person that “carries the team”, meaning a person playing critical role in the team

Trans: real men👍 they’re even more handsome if you go watch their music video!!! #GOT7

Trans: as expected, it’s really good. it’s gonna be big, it’s gonna hit big!!!!!🎉#got7

Trans: Gotta see the MV tho.. especially JB's eyes.. sooo dang sexy xD (The Korean is the same as the English YoungK posted underneath)

Sources: Jaehyung's Insta | Junhyeok's Insta | Sungjin's Insta | Wonpil's Insta | YoungK's Insta | Translations: FYDay6

Mods, please ignore the last post; I accidentally posted it before I was done putting it together.Love JYP Nation interactions so much, honestly. Dowoon hasn't posted anything yet, but if he does, I'll update!

Tags: comebacks, day6, got7, jyp entertainment

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