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2015 KBS Chuseok Nationwide Idol Singing Contest

Part 1

Part 2

List of video timestamps & links to individual cuts:

Part 1
04:30 B1A4 Baro, Sandeul
07:34 MYNAME Insoo, Seyong
08:29 BESTie feat. real snakes
09:30 UP10TION
10:13 Poppin Hyun Joon
10:27 Rainbow Jisook, Hyunyoung, Noeul
11:10 SEVENTEEN Dino, Seungkwan
11:50 Hong Dae Kwang
13:03 9MUSES Euaerin, Hyemi
14:32 2AM/Homme Changmin
16:00 Shin Bora
17:26 BTOB Eunkwang, Changseob
22:00 B1A4 Sandeul, Gongchan
24:13 VIXX Ken
26:24 f(x) Amber
33:13 BTOB Eunkwang & Changseob
37:20 Song Hae
39:39 EXID
40:44 Shinhwa Junjin
43:35 SISTAR Soyou
44:42 15& Park Jimin
45:53 Yoo Seong Eun
47:30 N.Flying
Part 2
00:00 AOA Choa, Mina, Hyejeong
01:22 Kim So Jung
01:40 2EYES
05:13 myB
05:26 Oh My Girl
05:40 CLC
06:40 GOT7 Jackson, BamBam
10:17 AOA (1, 2)
12:47 Homme
16:00 T-ARA
20:04 M.I.B Kangnam, GOT7 Jackson
22:15 SISTAR Soyou
30:06 TEEN TOP
33:10 EXID
36:35 Tae Jin Ah + all artists

Videos uploaded by red4aoa, 콩잔망, To Heaven, khjhk1234, 짱구규진, Hello John, dan zero, 러브라이스, iam_zaty, sungjaelly, _ heal, ★byPinkerBell★, EXID TwoAhn, vch, Fangirl Corner, FangTY Taec2pm, All About GOT7, Karin Tate, Full Bloom Reboot, heecorner

Please let me know if I missed your faves. There were so many different acts and idk them all.
Edit: Just added in links to individual cuts for your convenience. ^_^
Tags: 15&, amber, aoa, b1a4, bestie, btob, clc, cover, exid, gfriend, got7, homme, junjin, kim heechul, m.i.b, mamamoo, myname, nine muses, rainbow, seventeen, sistar, t-ara, teen top, vixx
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