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Random information about stars and their salons!


- Musee Neuf: Kim Hyo Jin, Shin Se Kyung, Chun Woo Hee, Kang Hye Jung
- A by Bom: Han Ye Seul, Park Soo Jin, Han Ye Ri

- Jungsaemmool: Han Hye Jin, Wonder Girls, miss A (Fei and Jia), Park Joo Mi
- Jenny House: Han Ji Min, Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung, Moon Chae Won, Son Dam Bi

- Lee Kyung Min Foret: Hwang Jung Eum, Kang So Ra
- Style Floor: Moon Geun Young, Nam Bo Ra

- S Hue: Han Chae Young
- *[?]MiJang Won[?]*: Go Jun Hee

- Merci Beauty House: Kim Ah Jung, Im Soo Jung
- Kim Jeong Jeung's Hair & Face: Jo Yoon Hui, Lee Si Young

- Lee Hee Hair & Make up: Uhm Jung Hwa, Hong Eun Hee
- Azurer: Kim So Yeon, Son Dam Bi

- Aura: Go Jun Hee, Jang Jae In, Suzy (personal schedules), Lee Chung Ah, Lee Da Hae
- Boris: Kim Ha Neul, So Yi Hyun

- Freelancers: Jun Ji Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Min Hee, Jun Do Yeon, Suzy

- Sunsoo: SNSD8, Red Velvet, Girl's Day, AoA, Gain, Kim Ok Bin, Jung Ryeo Won

Summary of the interesting bits:

- Stars usually start their work day by heading to the salon. All hair and make up must be perfect before schedules for the day begin. Sometimes they'll have their staff join them on set to touch up as the day goes on.

- Stars who don't have schedules will still go in once in a while for upkeep. A salon isn't merely to get your hair and make up done but to create an "image" for your career.

How are salons chosen? "We don't go to salons that celebrities want to go just because they like it. From the company's perspective, we have to balance out an image we think matches her versus the image she wants for herself. Stars will usually use the same salon for 2-3 years but with variation, because shop A might be better at sexier make up looks while shop B is better at innocent looking ones." (Celebrity management agency A)

- Stars will test out certain salons a couple times before making a final decision on where they think fits their image the best. They will usually move with their stylist if they move shops or go solo because they know their skin condition and favorite concepts the best.

- Prices vary widely depending on the celebrity and the type of work because salons will sometimes have to follow stars on drama sets. Pictorials and CF shoots are paid the day of, but salons will be paid on monthly, etc basis for longer works like drama filmings.

- Most aren't sponsored, the work is paid for, but popular stars usually get bigger discounts.

- CF shoots are the most expensive, costing between ~$3,000-5,000 USD per day. More famous make up artists and hair designers will obviously charge more. For pictorials, the ad agency will usually cover the costs instead of the star's agency. For dramas, the agencies cover it, while for movies, the production company will cover it.

- For drama filmings, stars will get in the salon by early morning and have a director-level stylist do everything, then have one staff member follow the star on to the film set to do touch ups.

- For movie filmings, it depends on whether the role calls for special costume make up. If it's a modern film, the star will just use their regular salon, but for historical concepts, they'll use a costume make up team contracted by the producers. Same goes for horror films, etc.

- Salons will follow stars to overseas pictorials and filmings. Most magazines will have collaborations with specific designers but other than that, stars get to choose the salons they take. Some will take the director of the salon but most will ask for the one staff that they've worked with on set all day as a sign of gratitude for the work they've done all along.

- All of the members in idol groups get styled by the same salon other than older idols who choose separate salons they're more comfortable with. Idols are the same as actresses in that they head to the salons to start their day but work with 2-3 more staff throughout their day for touch ups. (usually 2-3 is the norm for groups of 5 members)

- The salon's head designer will be a part of the group's concept design, joining the group for album jacket filmings and MV filmings. Directors will also join idols for concerts or fan meets.

[Netizen Reactions]

1. [+96, -7] I went to 'Sunsoo' once and they just put make up on me like they were some factory, punching on the same style without consideration for your features. I criticized them on that and they got pissy with me. I suggest non-celebrities to not go to 'Sunsoo'.

2. [+62, -8] It's not the salon that's important ㅋㅋㅋ it's the face getting the styling done that needs to be pretty ㅋㅋㅋ and commoners couldn't even dream of going to these salons because they're so expensive ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+56, -5] So that's how it is... I feel like this information's useless because I'd go check these salons out if I could become at least half as pretty as all these stars but I can't...

4. [+28, -4] I went to 'A by Bom' at Chungdam and saw tons of stars like Lee Yeon Hee, Kahi, Lee Seo Jin, Big Mama, etc. There are way more stars than on that list.

5. [+2, -1] I thought stars were all sponsored or given free stylings but I guess they pay for it all. No wonder Key wanted to do his hair dyeing himself ㅋㅋ Sucks that ads have to pay all these high prices and it's the consumers who have to make up the loss


Wonderful work by NB; I like these kind of articles that she translates once in a while, a nice change of pace. The next time you see your fave with bad make-up on, you can refer to this wonderful post of mine and curse their team!
Jenny House would be my dream hair stylist/make-up artist/towel boy job. Lee Min Jung + Moon Chae Won + Son Ye Jin + Han Ji Min = Daily nose bleeds
[OP Translation Note]* Note: MiJang Won trans-literally means Beauty Parlor, and NB didn't translate that part of the picture. I can't find any specific MiJang Won that Go Jun Hee visits after running a google search, therefore I have just left it as it is.

Source | OP styled and partially translated, TV Report via Naver via netizenbuzz.blogspot
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