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Han Groo's stepsister calls her out on her media play

On Oct. 8th, Han Groo's stepsister made a post on Daum Agora, stating that Han Groo and the siblings she claims to have are in no way biologically related.
Her statement reads:

"Actress Han Groo has no blood relations to the so-called siblings from presitigious educational background, who have continuously been mentioned in Miss Han's articles.

As a mother of a child and a wife of a family writing a post like this was a very difficult decision. However, as my birth mother and my siblings are once again hurt from this incident, I believed this was my best choice as an ordinary person with no power.

Not long ago I read an article on Han Groo. The contents of the article made me flabbergasted.
Director father, Model mother, Ewha Women's Univ and SNU sisters, and Korea Univ brother...

My fahter has been absent from my life since I was around ten and my mother raised us all by herself.
My mother, who was married at the age of twenty, gave up her dreams as an actress and a model to sacrifice herself for us and to repay her love we worked hard to obtain such proud results.

Soon after I entered college my parents went through divorce and before any of us could accept the fact, we were faced with a stepmother and a stepsister just entering elementary school.
In those few months we lived togther, we experienced some permanent emotional damage, and in the end, with my high school senior brother, we left the house to live on our own.

Those unforgettable times have finally seemed to fade away after over a decade.
But all our results that we worked vigilantly for, something my mother and siblings have accomplished by depending on each other, have now become some nice gift-wrapped for a kid we don't even know well, and are being talked about by the public every day.

Since we have never met nor contacted with a person named Han Groo since she entered grade school in Korea, we were left to contact her agency.
We've even requested through her agency's facebook to correct the errors, but only response we've received were typical kind, requesting that we graciously understand.

I am not begging for an apology from Han Groo and her family.
And I am not seeking to slander anyone.
Only thing I ask is that if there are any bloggers or reporters reading this post, I ask of you.
Please correct, or delete your articles.
Please do not rub salt to our wounds that were just starting to heal, and let us live in peace withour any disturbance."
Original post on Agora (the stepsister has since edited the post and deleted the contents, writing that her goal was to let the truth out and is now okay with deleting the contents)

Background Information:
Ever since Han Groo debuted her agency marketed her as "Mom's Friend's Daughter," which is a popular phrase in Korean referring to people your age who has a lot of accomplishments, and are people your moms talk about (ex. Oh, so-and-so's son just got into Harvard...). In her case Han Groo was known for her wealthy background and her supposed intelligence, which was apprarently evidenced by her siblings who attended presitigious colleges. If you search her name on portal sites, there is a ton of articles with her name and buzzwords like "Mom's friend's daughter" and "family's background/specs," some written as early as her debut days.

What the stepsister (whom I'll call A) claims is that A's parents were seperated since A was ten, and A's mother practically raised A and her siblings as a single mother. Years later A found out her father had been with another woman (who had her own daughter, who is Han Groo) all along, and after A's parents' divorce, A's father brought his new wife and Han Groo to live with A's family, until A and her siblings decided to leave.

It's clear that A and her siblings don't have the best relationship with Han Groo, but after Han Groo's debut she constantly talked about her family including the stepsiblings, as evidenced by one of her interviews from last year:

How does your family look at you, as a celebrity?
They don't think about it much, haha. They don't consciously notice that I'm a celebrity. When I'm on TV, they think, "Ah, she's making money, she's not jobless." My big sister and I are 12 years apart. Actually, I feel bad for my brother and two sisters. I'm the only one who got to study abroad with the "youngest daughter previlege" but the words got our weird and they were mistakely blamed for getting accepted into college under "foreigner special admissions." I was very sorry about it then.

Your siblings' educational background is amazing. Your big sister studied vocal music at Ewha, younger sister studied arts at Seoul National University, and your brother graduated with an economics degree at Korea University. Do you have any further plans to study?
It's one of my biggest concerns lately. If I went to college like other people I would be a senior right now. I've seen a lot of cases where you just register for the classes but never gets to attend when you're acting. I think I want to find out what I want to do, first and foremost. At the moment I have no plans to go to a college to study stage acting or media. I'm interested in child education, but it's something I'm gonna have to see. Wouldn't it look cool and passionate, studying when I'm older? (laughs)
Lady KyungHyang

After it blew up early morning in Korea, Han Groo released her official statement:

First, I would like to say that I'm truly sorry if my sisters and brother have been hurt for any reason. As reported earlier from my siblings' side, my "siblings with prestigious backgrounds" as written by the media are not biologically related to me.

It is true. After my biological parents were divorced when I was young, I followed my mother and grew up with my stepfather since elementary school. My stepfather had two daughters and a son, and when all of us lived together under one house for a year or two, I was a elementary school student. Many years passed by after they have left and since they were listed as my direct siblings on the family registry, I have always wondered since my debut how I should answer questions about my family during my interviews. If I claimed that my siblings, who were on the family registry, simply don't exist, I feared that they would be displeased. Even if they were my stepsiblings, I considered them family, and answered as so, even to the questions asking about their educational background.

But it is true that by results I was given the adjective "Mom's Friend's Daughter" through that interview, and if my siblings were hurt by it I would like to say I'm truly sorry. I too have grown up in a divorced family and have faced monetary and other kinds of struggles. Everyone has a side unseen by the others, and I too have such side; my family and I have suffered as well. Above all, I know very well how a divorce can affect a child's life and how traumatizing the experience is, and I sincerely apologize. And if there is any incident my mother, and my stepfather has hurt you emotionally I apologize for them too.

Finally to my dear siblings, who were once my family and whom I have never forgotten, even though you were hurt by my interviews I hope that we can see each other with a smile one day. I am truly sorry.

Then WorldToday revealed a letter from A's birth mother (and Han Groo's stepfather's ex-wife), detailing the history of how it went down.

Han Groo and the siblings have different father and mother, and grew up in different environment with different parents. The story about siblings who have graduated from SKY and have no contact with Han Groo was used by Han Groo's side for media play.

Yoo Han Groo's stepfather (whose last name is Min) is a Hanyang University Acting Major Class of 1979. He was a producer at KeumKang Ent., not Jeil, and became a CF Director after going independent into production side.
That was when he met Han Groo's mother, who have brought out Han Groo for child modeling. After that they were in an extramarital relationship and he hired her as a CF model.
After divorcing his former wife in Jan. 2000 by threatening her financially, he married Yoo Han Groo's mother who has also by then ended her separation with her husband Yoo to divorce him.

After remarriage they pulled Han Groo out of Yoo's registry and declared her Min's child. Han Groo (whose current full birth name is Min Han Groo) is not Min's birth child.

Afterwards they were focused on making Han Groo (who was in elementary school at the time) into a celebrity. He abandoned children from his first marriage.

They gave her dance and singing lessons at Apgujeong Studio for several years to make a second BoA, and when she was 5th or 6th grade she and her mother spent a year in US and returned to Korea. Her study abroad in America is a lie.

Afterwards they went to China to have Han Groo graduate in Beijin Arts Middle and High School while running a restaurant, and decided to bet on the current agency using their old connections.

I only recently found out that they used his ex-wife's children's educational backgounds as a media play for her image, and fell into a psychological shock; I have regained only enough energy to send an email to request corrections.

I have raised my two daughters' with their birth grandmother's support. My son is currently attending college with tuition I have earned myself.

Those people have only provided interruptions to my children's lives.

I hope they never again use ordinary people for their marketing to provide more emotional damage to people like my children and me.

I have also contacted her agency to correct their errors but they are delaying an action asking for some time to find out the facts.

If there is anyone claiming falsehood send me an email. I too have graduated Hanyang University.

After all that shenanigan the agency decided to be dumb, I guess throw a pity party, and released the apology message Han Groo sent to the sister:

I heard about what happened from my agency and am sending you a message~ I'm sorry. To be honest I've received a lot of questions about my siblings during my interviews. I guess they're basic enough questions that they were asked every time I sat down for an interview. But that was when you guys were listed on my family registry, and I thought it would be rude to you and to my stepfather's family to say I don't have any siblings. That's why I talked about it but then the articles came out like I was a Mom's Friend's Daughter, and like you said I ended up with an image of someone who also had capabilities to go to a prestigious college.

Then you could think 'Why did you not tell them they weren't your birth siblings," but truthfully it was difficult to do so onair, since my mother's life played into a lot of that. When I think about it, I understand I was careless since it was a sensitive subject for you to be called my sister. Unlike how it's portrayed on the outside I also grew up in a divorced family and struggled as a moneymaker in our family for the past few years. My mother also divorced my stepfather (A's birth father) last year due to his mistake. It's only been few months since she has started to see him again face-to-face. I know it's not easy to understand someone's life, but through my mom's remarriage, and life with the stepfather there has definitely been some difficult times, and I think I understand your feelings just a bit more than other people. So I am truly sorry more than anyone else, sister.

The articles aren't written by my agency but rather by over 200 media companies, but we'll try our best to stop them from writing. If what you want from me is to tell the media that you guys are my stepsiblings, not related by blood, I'll certainly do that, sister~.

It looks like you're happy with your family and I'm so sorry for troubling you. But I never maliciously intended to do any media play with your educational background. I've always thought, not just for the interviews, that "I have siblings" even after we've lived together and parted ways. It wasn't easy at first to accept my new stepfather and stepsiblings but I've always thought if I were just a bit older at that time we could've kept in contact unlike now. To be honest I was so young that I don't remember or know what really happened between you guys and my stepfather and between you and my mother, but I've even left messages on Cyworld after I wasn't able to see you guys one day... heh you probably don't remember, right? It's been awhile..

Sister~ I think I know a little bit about the hurt you're talking about. It's rare that divorced family and even remarried family are easy to settle down. I've also lived with my stepfather long enough to know him as much as you know him the best. He's also hurt me a lot, but please just forgive him~ I know it's not easy but I think it's only harder when you don't forgive... That was a long message, right? I'll wait for your reply.

Finally, her stepsister responded via Agora:
I've just read the articles and I just read your apology.

Would you really be able to say those words while looking at me in the eyes?
Let's be honest.
I believe that there were other appropriate answers you could've given to questions about your siblings.
No reporter insistently asks about your siblings' educational background.
Can you swear to God that you had absolutely no intention to use us?

It was difficult living with your stepfather? You have no shame.
You can't do that to someone who abandoned his own children to care for you and to make you the "second BoA."

Financial difficulties?
Yes, I'm sure there were difficult times. I've also heard. Your stepfather has come back to Korea and lived in a van for awhile to support you and your mother.
But that's not what we're talking about?
What was all the savings your mother has taken when you studied in US, and what was that business your mother did when you moved to China for study abroad?
When they supported you during your study abroad, when you learned horseriding and fencing and whatever you wanted to learn, my baby brother was left alone by himself.
Are you saying you knew absolutely nothing about that? You weren't even elementary school student by then.

You can understand our feelings?
Your maternal grandmother who lived with you all the time. When your grandmother swore in front of my mother and turned her back, you were right there. When your mother insulted my mother in front of all of us, you were upstairs laughing with your grandmother.
Don't equate your troubles with ours.
Don't ever tell us something like how you and I are same etc.

And you've suffered under my father?
I really can't say you've experienced the terrible things I've gone through.
Don't you ever, ever say that again.

Hope to see us with a smile one day? It's only torture if you don't forgive?
You can say that with an ease from your standpoint.
To us even meeting you is torture.

Please don't bother with a reply after this post.
I really would like to end this.

I really hope this is the end of our interaction and that we never see each other.

all translated by OP

tl, dr:
Han Groo did a lot of media play about her siblings for years, they were actually stepsiblings and asked not to do that for a long time, they were ignored, and the stepsister exposed it all.
Han Groo's marriage is fine, her fiancé knew about it all along apparently and is okay with it.
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