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JYP Under Fire for School Uniform Ad That Encourages Students to Be Thin

There seems to be a rising controversy over girl group TWICE‘s recent advertisement for school uniforms.

In the advertisement, there are phrases such as “Make it thinner with this skirt! Shading skirt” and “Tighten it with this jacket! Corset jacket.” Then there is a picture of Park Jin Young looking as if he is judging you, along with the girl group members striking poses that emphasize the hips and chest. This advertisement has been posted on the front gate of middle and high schools.

[The ad itself and educators protests]

Not only that, but on the homepage of this advertisement there is a project called “JYP’s ‘Thin’derella Project” where it encourages students to spread this advertisement through SNS.

This advertisement has enraged teachers who protested, “If we don’t make this a problem, then it won’t be. So we are trying to make it a problem.”

Educators proceeded to file a “societal evaluation request” which voices opinions such as, “We do not understand why students, who are still growing up, need to wear shading skirts to make their legs look thinner and corset jackets. Shading skirts and corsets emphasize the female body, and the models in the advertisement look like bartenders and hostesses who have uniform fetishes.”

It continues, “Teenagers are already trying to look like girl groups by going on extreme diets that make them underweight, have weak immune systems, and suffer from anorexia or tuberculosis.”

JYP Entertainment later addressed this, saying, “We are talking with the advertisement company right now. We will release an official statement soon.”

[JYP Statement]

Article: JYP reps, "We will be editing all of the school uniform ads and taking down the ones up"

1. [+6,076, -248] I understand he's an artist whose image is centered around sexy concepts but school uniforms are something worn all day by students, the comfort of their bodies should be the first thing that's considered;;;; who cares if they look sexy! Let's think of their health first!

2. [+4,114, -221] Good decision!! He almost tarnished his image.. ㅠㅠ

3. [+3,337, -179] Junior and high school students are still minors... it baffles me how people think that they can sexualize them like this. As a father of a daughter myself, I'm gravely worried for her.

4. [+2,824, -202] Good decision. Should've considered things like this before even putting out the ads..

5. [+985, -64] Why is JYP apologizing for something 'School Looks' designed and should be apologizing for?

6. [+536, -72] Someone who didn't know better would think JYP was the 'School Looks' CEO ㅋㅋ Park Jin Young takes responsibility for even the hate he doesn't deserve...

7. [+410, -37] Seems this stuff happens because models aren't told exactly how the ad campaign's going to run

8. [+407, -43] Wow, fast feedback from JYP hyung


Article: JYP and school uniform company's fast response + official statement puts an end to controversy

1. [+12,616, -226] Yeah, this is an apology the uniform company should've been responsible for... but I'm glad JYP didn't end up like Yoon Eun Hye and pretend the issue didn't exist. They apologized right away.

2. [+10,043, -242] Yeah, not sure what they were thinking to put students in school wearing what looks like idol girl group stage outfits..

3. [+9,481, -329] No matter how much students like being different and dolling themselves up, I don't like seeing uniforms too short and tight.

4. [+5,482, -252] Wow, do students not get caught for skirts that short anymore??? I guess schools have gotten lax since I've been in school ㅋㅋ

5. [+801, -60] Why is JYP apologizing on behalf of the uniform company?

6. [+670, -21] Good job on the fast response. It's not like 'Ivy' uniform ads where the uniforms are meant to make your legs look long or something... but 'shading skirts'? 'Corset jackets'?... too far ㅠㅠ

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