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She Is Pretty: Skincare tips from your faves

Ha Ji Won Chosen as Beauty With Best Skin

Ha Ji Won has been chosen as the number one celebrity with the best skin.

On the October 26 broadcast of tvN’s “The List 2015,” a list for “Beauties With Flawless Skin Even When Seasons Change” was revealed. On this day, Ha Ji Won was named as the queen of beautiful skin.

Upon receiving such a flattering win, Ha Ji Won revealed that she uses a face pack all 365 days of the year. She also revealed that she only uses a small amount of makeup in order to allow her skin to breathe. She also tries to eat a lot of healthy foods such as fruits, nuts, and yogurt for her meals. When she drinks alcohol, she drinks a personally made lemon-soju drink.

The drink, she revealed, is made with one bottle of soju with three lemons, as well as tonic water, Sprite, and a spoonful of honey.

“When I drink this lemon-soju, I get compliments on my skin the next day,” revealed Ha Ji Won.

Following Ha Ji Won, Im Soo Jung, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Bo Young, Jung Ryeo Won, Park Soo Jin, Seo Young Hee, and Hani also made the list. Hani, who place ninth on the list, also revealed her secret to her perfect skin.

Hwang Jung Eum Shares Her Simple and Effective Skin Care Tips

Actress Hwang Jung Eum has revealed her secret to achieving smooth and hydrated skin.

On the October 26 episode of tvN’s “Name List 2015,” the actress was recognized for her beautiful complexion, ranking fifth on the show’s list of “Beauties with Flawless Skin Even When Seasons Change.”

When asked to share her skin care tips, Hwang Jung Eum emphasizes the importance of having a good cleansing regime. Despite struggling with extremely dry skin, she cleanses her face five to six times to get rid of all impurities and dead skin cells.

To restore the moisture levels of her skin, she finishes off her skin care routine with a nourishing facial oil, which is one of the keys to achieving her healthy glow.

For additional hydration, she makes sure to eat loads of fruits and vegetables, as well as treat herself to a moisturizing facial mask every day.

EXID’s Hani Reveals Her Secret to Flawless Skin

On the October 26 episode of tvN’s “Name List 2015,” EXID‘s Hani shares her number one skincare tip for beating dry winter skin.

Known for her fair and clear complexion, Hani comes in at number nine on the list of “Beauties with Flawless Skin Even When Seasons Change.”

She goes on to reveal her secret to plump and hydrated skin, sharing that she never turns on the car heater, especially when it’s cold, to protect her skin from dry air.

In addition to avoiding heating systems, Hani introduces viewers to her holy grail skincare product that she creates by mixing a toner, three different essences, and a facial oil.

Son Na Eun Reveals Secret to Her Beautiful Skin

A pictorial showing off Son Na Eun’s innocent charms has been revealed.

On October 27, the 11th edition of the Cosmopolitan magazine revealed beauty tips from the queen of innocent, APink‘s  Son Na Eun.

Recently, Son Na Eun has been receiving a lot of love for her character, Oh Hyemi, on the tvN drama, “Twenty Again.” Now, she is receiving much attention for her helpful beauty and skincare tips for her female fans.

Son Na Eun, who is known to have never-changing clear and youthful skin, recommended mixing a cream with one to two drops of oil to use on the face. She also expressed her new obsession for lip products. “I am actively buying so many lip products. I even have a pouch full of lip products to use on days when I am filming,” she explained.

Famous for her 19 inch waist, Son Na Eun also revealed that she does Pilates to keep fit and healthy.

The full interview along with the photos can be seen on the November edition of Cosmopolitan as well as on its website.

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