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Serial Retweeter

Suzy to drop it like it's hot

miss A’s Suzy’s first photo book suzy? suzy will be hitting the shelves.

According to a OSEN report, pictures for the photo book have been taken over the past eight months, from February to October. Suzy personally designed, styled, and selected the cover. Most of the photos were taken in Itaewon and Yeonnamdong with an old-fashioned film camera.

In the pictures, Suzy looks breathtaking with her vivid lip colors and casual wear. Though there is nothing fancy to the pictures taken in ordinary streets, her beauty is enough to captivate readers.

Pre-orders are being held through online book stores. The pictures below are sneak peeks of her photo shoot and the cover image.

I wonder if she contacted her IY S2 mate Jiyoung for any photobook wisdom?

Source | The Huffington Post Korea via Soompi
Tags: eye candy, photoshoot, suzy
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