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the real reason ☆Spica's☆ 2015 comeback was cancelled

B2M Entertainment sues former manager Jeon for suspected embezzlement of company funds

A former manager at B2M Entertainment, surnamed Jeon, has been sued for alleged embezzlement of company funds. On 10 November, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Economic Crime Investigation Team Two issued an indictment without detention.

In 2013, during the course of B2M Entertainment artiste Heo Young Saeng's photobook contract negotiations, Jeon used his personal bank account to receive the money for personal use. In the past nine months, Jeon allegedly embezzled a total of 85.43 million won from B2M Entertainment artistes' performance fees over 8 occasions.

Jeon has since left B2M Entertainment.

B2M Entertainment's spokesman said, "We are indeed suing Jeon. We have confirmed that Jeon embezzled company funds and are thus suing him. All matters have been handed over to the police."

B2M Entertainment's stable of artists include Kim Kyu Jong, Nicole, SPICA, Eric Nam, et cetera.

[EDIT] More details from Soompi on the HYS incident: As the manager, he signed a contact with K Star Net and with Heo Young Saeng to produce a pictorial and to receive half of the proceeds in return. Mr. Jun received the payment through his personal account and spent it on his personal use.

sources: Sports Donga, Turn Up Speaker

even if he pays back the money and more, he won't be able to make up for the opportunities Spica, Eric, Nicole etc lost during this year. Spica were so excited about their comeback and then this had to happen... I'M SO MAD
Tags: b2m entertainment, court / legal issues, eric nam, heo young saeng, keembo/spica, nicole

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