11:25 am - 12/10/2015

The artist formerly known as K of Wonder Boyz debuts as Owol with "Dream on You" M/V

Coming off the heels of Wonder Boyz' disbandment earlier this year, former member Kim Tae Hyun has signed to Chitwn Music and released his first single under the label, "Dream on You." It's a pretty solid R&B track with a trap beat and guitar hook, and BAP's Jongup and Zelo both promoted the track on Twitter.

Prior to signing with Chitwn, he released "I Know It" as Tae Hyun under Dream Perfect Regime and a couple other songs not really of note

[I Know It]

Chitwn Music artist page

Source: kt music, Chimp-U

Do you periodically remember that the Wonder Boyz existed, Omona?
seroquels 10th-Dec-2015 08:03 pm (UTC)
This brightens my day. Will forever be sad that Wonder Boys never made it.

idk if it's the angle or what, but that model looked like a giant next to him (in the scenes I paid attn to).

The "going up" part makes me immediately want to add "on a Tuesday..."
I dig the song, MV I could do without/boring.
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