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Laboum crowdfunds their next comeback, meets goal in 4 hours

After an extraordinarily long promotion period for their last song Aalow Aalow, Laboum has announced their plan to comeback in April, using Makestar.co to crowdfund their next production.

The girls met their goal in less than 4 hours after the project opened on February 15th.

Laboum follows in the steps of Stellar who also used Makestar to crowdfund their mini album.

Some of the rewards:
- $165.30: a 'mini display figure' with all the members
- $247.90: invitation to the MV set + a photo session with the members on set
- $826.20: you get a personal fan meeting with the girls + a dinner with them (10 people have already bought this and it is now sold out!)

Makestar, writeup by me

omona what do you think of idols crowdfunding their comebacks?
Tags: charity, laboum
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