Everything is Dull, Everyone is Boring! (rennehollic) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Everything is Dull, Everyone is Boring!

Portuguese Rapper plagiarizes Super Junior-M song "S.O.L.O", doesn't even change the name

So, portuguese "rapper" D8 (and I say rapper very loosely, and please, don't ask about the name. It's supposed to be something like "I gave you" but in portuguese) literaly stole Super Junior-M song "S.O.L.O". The song is used for the Taiwanese drama "Skip Beat".

He released the song last year, but it's just coming to notice right now. There's not even a slightly change here. He stole the song name, the instrumental and even part of the chours.

Here's the Super Junior-M version.

so what you guys think?

source: letraseletrocas, catherine2035

I can't help but find this incredibly hilarious! What was he thinking "Oh, they are asians, no one will know"? God, this is too much xD
Tags: plagiarism, super junior-m

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