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[PIMP POST] Open your eyes to the new kids on the block, NCT!! ⭐️

NCT, or Neo Culture Technology, is a group that goes by a different concept. There are no limit to how many members can debut under its brand and there will be many different teams for cities all around the world. The first unit, NCT-U, including members Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark, has debuted on April 9/10 with singles The 7th Sense and Without You. If you think this is confusing and messy, you are right! So, instead of trying to work out the logistics, just sit back and enjoy whatever comes our way, because it's going to be a 'long ass ride' - Mark Lee.

Now, let me, PD seulgibear, take you on a crash course to each of the members who make this all worthwhile, so grab a cup of tea (or wine or whatever you prefer), take a seat and get reading. Since I had been writing this for a while, this pimp post contains all 11 members that are, or will soon be, part of NCT (#JusticeForOT8). All the links open in a new tab so you get to enjoy this post without ever leaving it. Most of the videos are short and cute and funny, so don't miss out and open them. As of right now, we don't know any positions within the group, so they are not included. Fair warning: this is a pretty long read and potentially stan-inducing.

Note: you might encounter the mini rookies in some of these vids/photos (they are Donghyuck, Jaemin, Jeno and Jisung)

👑 Moon Taeil (문태일) / Taeil 👑

June 14, 1994
from SEOUL, SK
— NCT-U —

🎼 172 cm, blood type O, gemini
🎼 family: parents, younger sister by 3 years
🎼 aside from his honey voice, his speciality is playing the guitar, but he can also play the piano
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 the SM sunbae he admires the most is super junior's kyuhyun and his favourite group is shinee
🎼 shares/shared a room with hansol and ten and their room is especially noisy
🎼 his motto is "do what you want"
🎼 pre-debut taeil performing urban zakapa's inevitability or kim bum soo's 슬픔활용법 at seoul science high school (bad audio sorry)
🎼 loves his mom but doesn't bother to save her number in his contacts
🎼 the part of his body taeil is most confident in are his abs
🎼 in elementary school, he dreamt about becoming a prosecutor, but in high-school, he wanted to become a zookeeper. his dream now, of course, is to be a singer
🎼 his nickname in school was shin taeil, which is taichi’s name in the korean dub of digimon adventure
🎼 taeil is shy and gets extremely nervous whenever he has to speak. he has a tender heart and cries easily
🎼 he learnt hapkido in his childhood
🎼 taeil wants to be reborn as a goose
🎼 he loves all noodles, ice cream and any kind of meat (especially samgyupsal), but he can't eat sushi
🎼 has an iconic pre-debut selfie/masterpiece, which, let us pray, is gonna be brought up all the time from now on
🎼 taeil's favourite football club is chelsea and names messi as his favourite player
🎼 in january, he released an ost song 'because of you' for the drama the merchant
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Ji Hansol (지한솔) / Hansol 👑

November 21, 1994
from BUSAN, SK
— SMROOKIES #Justice4Hansol

🎼 181cm, blood type AB, scorpio
🎼 family: parents, older sister by 12 years, older brother by 10 years and a 1-year-old puppy called dokku
🎼 has been a trainee with SM since 2012 and was previously with KeyEast Ent. he was announced as a smrookies member in december 2013
🎼 he was recommended to SM by shinee's jonghyun!!
🎼 the SM sunbae he admires the most is exo's lay; hansol was mentioned in lay's exodus thanks to
🎼 his speciality is dancing, which he has been doing since he was 15; his favourite genre is hip-hop. here are some videos of pre-debut ('10/'11) hansol dancing at seo duck ku's hip hop school: one, two, three
🎼 he can also play the guitar
🎼 whenever introducing himself, he says he's a real busan man, but really he knows that's not entirely true: "Also, I said that myself that I was a real man Hansol from Busan, but my real personality isn’t like that… I have a lot of fears, and I’m not the best at expressing myself but please look over me!" self-aware bb
🎼 his intro video from the smrookies app lip-syncing to taeyeon's i
🎼 appeared in j-min's music video for shine
🎼 his most favourite treasure is his family
🎼 his roommates are/were taeil and ten; it's said their room is the party room because it's noisy and they dance all the time to youtube videos
🎼 netizens uncovered his sns posts from his days as a keyeast trainee
🎼 an awkward turtle on the streets but a sexy beast on the stage tbqh
🎼 in july 2015, lay posted a short video of him, hansol and ten dancing
🎼 here's a hansol focused fancam of mirotic bc why not
🎼 hansol's solo stage at the rookie concert
🎼 the holy hansol fancam of miss you
🎼 he reads a lot of webtoons, his favourite drama is full house, his favourite cartoon is dragon ball and his favourite variety is infinity challenge
🎼 kkobuk kkobuk ji hansol is a pokemon
🎼 asked what he wanted to be reborn as, hansol would just want to be himself
🎼 find out more from his q&a here

[more photos]

👑 Johnny Seo / Seo Youngho (서영호) / Johnny 👑

February 9, 1995
— SMROOKIES #Justice4Johnny

🎼 183 cm (tallest in the group), aquarius
🎼 family: parents, a dog called flower
🎼 was casted in 2007 during SM's global auditions in the US
🎼 his rookies app intro video
🎼 close with exo members, johnny was allegedly supposed to debut with them but didn't make the final cut. his face might be familiar from the pre-debut selfies with the exo members (1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6)
🎼 his specialities are dancing and piano (honestly johnny playing the piano is a vision), or sometimes even singing and playing the piano; has learned the saxophone, but is bad at it
🎼 fluent in english and korean
🎼 johnny mentioned that when him, ten, jaehyun and mark are together they normally speak in english and when with the chinese trainees, they try to speak in chinese
🎼 his favourite author is malcom gladwell and his favourite poet it dr. seuss; he enjoys reading whenever he gets a break from schedule
🎼 he's the candy trafficker of the group
🎼 is good at imitating and copying what others do; here's a video of johnny immitating ten
🎼 the rookies picked him as the strongest members out of all of them; here's johnny and hansol in a match of armwrestling
🎼 pre-debut johnny showing us his amazing piano and dance skills
🎼 shares/shared with doyoung; their room is chill and quiet, they like watching movies
🎼 he was a fish one time
🎼 johnny considers himself a positive and playful person, but he often doesn't talk anything serious
🎼 is a living, breathing meme; his predebut photos have a high chance of becoming famous and haunting him forever (just a simple google search can turn up dozens of them, but his best ones 1, 2, 3, 4)
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Lee Taeyong (이태용) / Taeyong 👑

July 1, 1995
from SEOUL, SK
— NCT-U —

🎼 175cm tall, bloodtype O, cancer
🎼 family: parents, an older sister and a 7-year-old dog called ruby
🎼 was street-casted in 2012
🎼 his wannabe SM sunbae is shinee's jonghyun; he would like to one day collaborate with tvxq's yunho; like hansol, he is also mentioned in lay's exodus thanks to
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 as a child, he dreamt of becoming a firefighter because he found saving other fascinating
🎼 his roommate in the dorm is/was yuta
🎼 he is a huge studio ghibli fan, his favourite movies are howl’s moving castle, spirited away and princess mononoke
🎼 has a scar next to his right eye, which was caused by atopy
🎼 his #1 bucket list wish is to go busking
🎼 he is an introvert and such a quiet person that sometimes you wouldn't even know he's there. he is said to be a germaphobe and the cleanest out of them all. taeyong, who keeps all his things in perfect order, doesn't like stuff on the ground and is the one who keeps the dorm clean. he handwashes his clothes himself and he also sprays febreeze around so much fans took to calling him taebreeze
🎼 the members remarked that he takes very good care of them and he always gives great advice to them, even if he sometimes ends up nagging more than the manager. taeyong said he doesn't want any of his beloved members to end up like him/repeat the mistakes he did before
🎼 taeyong is a really good cook and can serve chef-quality dishes
🎼 he doesn't know what dating is
🎼 despite his cold appearance, all the members agreed that he is warm and kind
🎼 taeyong throwing hearts out of a car window
🎼 has a habit of turning off all lights when he practices his dancing
🎼 taeyong and dong(hyuck)soo act out a short sketch during one of their concerts
🎼 taeyong is featured on red velvet's be natural remake
🎼 he's most definitely sm's best rapper at the moment (quote me on that): watch 'a piece of me' live at the rookies show or his official introduction rap video 'open the door'
🎼 taeyong likes writing his own lyrics; a piece of me is actually written by him and he participated in writing 7th sense
🎼 he's also a skilled dancer as seen through his countless performances (watch his solo stage to virtual insanity)
🎼 along with yuta and doyoung, taeyong became a model for design united in february
🎼 in march, taeyong also landed his first solo cf as a spokesperson for sk telecom!!
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Nakamoto Yuta (中本悠太) / Yuta 👑

October 26, 1995
— SMROOKIES #Justice4Yuta

🎼 176 cm, blood type A, scorpio
🎼 family: parents, older sister, younger sister
🎼 healing smile. no really have you seen him smiling wow so beautiful so healing
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 he is fluent in japanese and korean (sometimes he's more confident in his korean than his native language!)
🎼 he was a permanent panel member (and panel maknae) from july to december 2015 on abnormal summit as a representative for japan where he got to approach a number of current topics and proved to be educated and well-spoken. you can watch all his episode cuts here. subjects include satori generation in japan, japan/china relations, gender roles, gene modification, tbh just go through this tag. the other members of the panel grew very attached to him and regard him as very hard-working (he always practiced his dancing backstage). his reason for leaving the show was to prepare for his debut :)
🎼 reporter Yuta takes us on a short tour of Taipei
🎼 in 2011 he auditioned to become a singer with covers of exile's angel and THSK's stand by you
🎼 he was cast in SM in 2012 through SM's auditions in japan and was introduced as an smrookie in december 2013
🎼 he played football for 11 years before he decided he wanted to be a singer
🎼 yuta's cut at idol star olympics football match
🎼 shares/shared a room with taeyong
🎼 his favourite academic subject was ethics
🎼 if he had one last day to live, yuta would want to conquer the world
🎼 yuta's favourite music genre is rock and the artist he admires the most is tvxq
🎼 the most frequently dialed number on his phone is a restaurant
🎼 one of his unexpected characteristics is that he cries easily
🎼 picked as the funniest member out of the rookies, but said he's not that funny, it's just the ones younger than him always laugh at his jokes out of politeness
🎼 reps for osaka's takoyaki wherever he goes. please give him a takoyaki cf
🎼 after he retires, he wants to spend more time in okinawa
🎼 along with taeyong and doyoung, yuta became a spokesperson for design united in february
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Qian Kun (钱锟) / Kun 👑

January 1, 1996

🎼 182 cm, bloodtype B, capricorn
🎼 family: parents
🎼 he was introduced as part of the smrookies in december 2015 and his intro tweet is the most popular out of all the members
🎼 his wannabe sm sunbae is baekhyun and he would like to perform a duet with chen
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 singing is kun's specialty, but he can also play the piano and the guitar
🎼 he can also mc, do his own choreography and specializes in magic tricks
🎼 in 2012, he auditioned for the tiger boys 2.0 (which was a spin-off of popular chinese group with the same name) and made it into the final 10, but had to drop out because of his studies
🎼 he won several singing competitions as a teenager and even has a few of his own compositions under his belt
🎼 he attended beijing contemporary music institute and studied pop vocal
🎼 kun is shy, polite and easy-going
🎼 his biggest fear is declining phone battery. 50% battery percentage makes him very nervous
🎼 had he not become a singer, his dream was to become an astronaut and he would like to get a pilot licence in the future
🎼 his favourite music styles are jazz, blues, r&b and his favourite artists are jay chou and jason mraz
🎼 he shares a room with winwin. the first thing kun does when he wakes up is to wake up winwin
🎼 kun feels the most handsome when he's smiling
🎼 he hates all insects
🎼 he is featured on nct-u's chinese version of without you
🎼 find out more info on kun here

[more photos]

👑 Kim Dongyoung (김동영) / Doyoung 👑

February 1, 1996
from SEOUL, SK
— NCT-U —

🎼 179 cm, blood type B, aquarius
🎼 family: parents, older brother
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 his older brother, kim donghyun (gong myung), is a member of fantagio's 5urprise
🎼 his idol is exo's D.O and he has said on numerous occasions how much he would like to collaborate with him
🎼 doyoung can play the flute
🎼 he joined SM in november 2013, after he was scouted at kyungki province young adult art festival where he was performing with his group
🎼 back in high-school, he used to be in a rock band called 'heart track': watch them peform their original song (i think??) bad romance, or some covers like beyonce's halo or daybreak's 좋다
🎼 he was the leader of his school's choir. you can watch their amazing rendition of lady gaga's poker face (and here's another performance of it)
🎼 shares/shared a room with johnny; said their room is chill and quiet, they like watching movies
🎼 let doyoung truly enchant your ears with his solo song performance
🎼 the first person he met when he came to sm was exo's kai
🎼 he had his tonsils removed
🎼 doyoung is very talkative and friendly. in group interviews, he will usually be the one keeping the atmosphere light and nudging the others to talk and be comfortable
🎼 together with jaehyun, he acted as an mc for show champion from january to july 2015. watch their first special mc stage
🎼 him and jaehyun are very close and joke around a lot. before debut, when jaehyun still lived at home, they used to meet up in their spare time and do things couple normally do on dates
🎼 on nct's on air show, he was dubbed jaehyun's mom
🎼 watch doyoung and smrookies koeun cover beauty and the beast
🎼 doyoung's favourite western artist is eric benet
🎼 if he could have a superpower, he would want to have foresight
🎼 in february, doyoung, yuta and taeyong became brand ambassadors for design united
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul (ชิตพล ลี้ชัยพรกุล) / Ten 👑

February 27, 1996
— NCT-U —

🎼 171cm, blood type A, pieces
🎼 family: parents and younger sister, tern
🎼 he is fluent in thai, english and korean (kinda)
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 was casted in 2013 during SM global auditions in thailand; ten is SM's first thai trainee
🎼 in 2011 he participated in thailand's teen superstar under the stage name TNT. he was the youngest of competitors and went on to win the final prize: audition, highlight, MV, interviews 1 2 3 and his last interview as a winner, performances: baby, i need a girl, heartbreaker, first kiss, ring ding dong, practices: shock, first kiss, i need a girl, baby. as prize, he went on his first visit to korea and starship entertainment
🎼 in spite of what you may read elsewhere, he was not a starship trainee before joining sm; he only went there for a few days as prize
🎼 his wannabe sunbae is super junior's donghae. he was also one of the rookies mentioned in lay's exodus thanks to
🎼 is/was roommates with taeil and hansol; their room is named the party room because it's noisy and they dance all the time to youtube videos
🎼 a few covers: i'm yours by jason mraz, nothing on you by bruno mars, just so you know by jesse mccartney
🎼 ten attended Shrewsbury International School, a private school in bangkok
🎼 a compilation of dance practices from 2011
🎼 loves everyone and everyone loves him
🎼 he used to be active on twitter (which is still full of gems)
🎼 here's 10yo ten speaking english, playing the piano, dancing and being adorable
🎼 a compilation video of ten being cute as heck in concert
🎼 he's a great basketball player
🎼 he doesn't like people talking about his height
🎼 his concert dance solos: cut your teeth and young and stupid
🎼 his baby photos are the most adorable thing
🎼 he REALLY loves cake, especially chocolate cake, and claims eating it is one of his specialties and that he has so much aegyo just because he eats a lot of it
🎼 ten is just. so. flexible. and he supports his less bendy best friend, yuta
🎼 ten & friends cover gangnam style, dui bu qi and put on a dance performance
🎼 choi siwon posted a video of him on his instagram
🎼 in july 2015, lay posted a short video of a choreo him, ten and hansol did
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Jung Yunoh (정윤오) / Jaehyun 👑

February 14, 1997
from SEOUL, SK
— NCT-U —

🎼 180cm, blood type A, aquarius
🎼 born on valentine's day, literally love personified tbh
🎼 street casted and became a trainee with SM in 2011/12
🎼 his rookies app intro video
🎼 multitalented: he's got the visuals, sings like an angel, dances, raps, plays the piano, will probably get into acting as well
🎼 he is fluent in english
🎼 SM sunbae he admires the most is siwon; would like to sing a duet with IU
🎼 has lived in the US for 4 years; here's an adorable video of jaehyun speaking english
🎼 nicknamed casper because, like the friendly ghost, he's very pale, jokes a lot and hides around. doyoung calls him woojae (uri(our)-jaehyun)
🎼 jaehyun is the group's vitamin. he takes good care of the other members and acts cutely a lot to make sure they feel comfortable and at ease. he is also described as a very dilligent person
🎼 jaehyun used to be his real name until it was changed to yunoh
🎼 he performed you needed me with d.o., changmin and taemin at smtown concerts
🎼 together with doyoung, he acted as an mc for show champion from jan 21, 2015 to july 2015. watch their first special mc stage
🎼 him and doyoung are very close and before debut, when jaehyun still lived at home, they used to meet up in their spare time and do things couple normally do on dates
🎼 in february 2016, he graduated from SOPA
🎼 jaehyun and ten participated in hope basketball all star game in 2015
🎼 has a black belt in taekwondo
🎼 jaehyun is a really good cook
🎼 assumed to be good friends with red velvet's yeri
🎼 jaehyun being cute backstage at a photoshoot
🎼 if he could have one superpower it would be teleportation
🎼 he shares a room with mark
🎼 jaehyun is very sensitive and a light sleeper
🎼 watch jaehyun and fellow smrookie herin become disney-ready while performing a whole new world
🎼 favourite disney movie: beauty and the beast; favourite author: agatha christie; favourite variety show: return of superman; favourite drama: secret garden
🎼 according to the smrookies app, jaehyun is the most popular member
🎼 read more from his q&a here

[more photos]

👑 Dong Sicheng (董思成) / Win Win 👑

October 28, 1997

🎼 blood type B, sagittarius
🎼 family: parents, older sister
🎼 his speciality is traditional chinese dance
🎼 exo is his favourite group and sehun is his wannabe sunbae
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 his favourite movie is pursuit of happiness and he has a photo of will smith as his phone background
🎼 shares a room with kun
🎼 he attended college at central academy of drama in beijing and he studied theatre
🎼 if he didn't become an idol, he would be an actor
🎼 the first thing he does after he wakes up is check his phone
🎼 win win is allergic to pericarp
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

👑 Mark Lee / Lee Minhyung (이민형) / Mark 👑

August 2, 1999
— NCT-U (Maknae) —

🎼 blood type A, leo
🎼 family: parents, older brother
🎼 was casted into sm in 2012 at global auditions in canada
🎼 his wannabe sunbae is tvxq's u-know; if he had the chance, he would like to collaborate with jonghyun
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 he was a regular cast member on the mickey mouse club along with the other minirookies. him and donghyuck make for the most hilarious interactions . you can watch some of their performance cuts that mark is in: under the sea, love me right, replay, danger
🎼 if he were to ever become a billionaire, the first thing he would do is to give the money to his parents
🎼 his favourite subjects in school were writing and arts. he wish was to become an author
🎼 along with the other mini rookies, mark is currently attending SOPA
🎼 mark has been a proud, long-standing member of the xiuharem through the years 2013, 2015, 2016
🎼 he likes writing lyrics on his own and participated in writing for 7th sense. the music he most likes to compose is groovy/dance
🎼 mark isn't fond of flying
🎼 says that his older brother is the reason why he decided to pursue music
🎼 shares a room with jaehyun
🎼 find out more from his q&a

[more photos]

What to watch:


🔎 NCT Teaser #2: Synchronization of Your Dreams (Taeyong, Hansol, Ten, Mark, Jaehyun)
🔎 NCT Teaser #3: 7th Sense (Win Win)
🔎 NCT_U Teasers '7th Sense': MARK // TEN // TAEYONG // JAEHYUN // DOYOUNG
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🔎 0701 Dance Practice (Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Hansol) / (fancam) MV
🔎 EXO 90:2014 MV remakes: H.O.T – 빛 (Yuta & Jaehyun in MV; Chen + Doyoung, Jaehyun, Yuta sing/rap), god - Dear Mom (Ten MV), 김민교 – The Last Game (Taeil singing), SES – I'm your girl (Mark and Ten(?) rap), Shinhwa - Yo! (Taeyong and Johnny in MV), Fly to the Sky – Missing You (Taeyong in MV), Jo Sungmo - Do You Know (Yuta in MV)


🔎 Vocal line covers: acoustic 'Who Are You + f(x) All Night + How Deep Is Your Love, Shoulda Woulda Coulda, Lately, TVXQ 'Winter Rose', It Might Be Love (thai song), SNSD Lost In Love
🔎 Original song 텐데
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🔎 [dance] Bassbot & 0701
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🔎 [dance] SMTOWN Opening performance (Ten, Taeyong, Yuta, Johnny, Jaehyun)
🔎 [dance] SMTOWN in Tokyo Rookies full cut
🔎 [dance] 0701 @ RCY Camp (Ten, Hansol, Taeyong, Doyoung, Johnny, Yuta)
🔎 [dance] Super Moon
🔎 Get in the christmas spirit with this adorable performance of jingle bell rock
🔎 A round of arm-wrestling? Check
🔎 Taeyong and Hansol doing Digimon impressions
🔎 A super adorable VCR / VCR interview part 1, part 2
🔎 Rookies in Japan VCR
🔎 Rookies PV

🔎 Interview with Virgin Hitz Radio in Bangkok (Johnny, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Ten)
🔎 True music asian lovers special interview (all smrookies)
🔎 SMRookies Show in Bangkok press conference
🔎 10 Minutes interview with Tuen Ma Kui in Thailand (Johnny, Ten, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Taeyong)
🔎 ABC news cover kpop feat smrookies (cut)
🔎 Red Velvet try to play a prank on Doyoung and Jaehyun, but it backfires
🔎 [Game Time] Best Friends Ten and Taeyong need to act like a couple at the airport
🔎 Yuta, Hansol, Ten and Johnny choosing gifts for Jaehyun
🔎 Soul Brothers Doyoung, Jisung and Ten
🔎 EXO 90:2014 SMRookies episode cuts: EP 1, EP 2, EP 3, EP 4 (missing), EP 5, EP 6, EP 7 (full), EP 8, EP 9, EP 10, EP 11
🔎 Reporter Doyoung interviews Jaehyun and Taeyong in their hotel room
🔎 'No birthday is complete without some tears' - SMR's motto probably: Johnny's birthday mission, Jisung's birthday surprise (mini rookies edition)
🔎 Despite that, sometimes they escape tear-free: Ten's bday party, Yuta's bday party, Taeyong's bday party
🔎 MC Jaehyun and Doyoung backstage antics: first day self-cam, mc mission to find the hidden cue cards, chemitest, Doyoung's bday, Jaehyun's bday, gushing about Shinee, their parting surprise
🔎 Show Champion backstage with MC Doyoung and Jaehyun and guests YuTenSol: what are your charms? and where to spend your summer holiday
🔎 SMTown Taiwan: MC Doyoung interviews booming system Taeyong and hilarious visual Donghyuck
🔎 SMTown Taiwan: MC Doyoung interviews his better half, Jaehyun and Jaehyun's most beloved minirookie Jeno
🔎 SMTown Taiwan: MC Doyoung interviews Canada's pride Mark Lee (with a special appearance by Minho)
🔎 Promotional videos for SMRookies show: [1] Mark and Johnny, [2] Doyoung and Jaehyun, [3] Hansol and Taeyong, [4] Ten, [5] Yuta, [6] SR15B, [7] Yuta, Taeyong, Jaehyun, [8] Foreign Swaggers Johnny, Mark and Jaehyun, [9] Ten and Jaehyun, [10] Taeil, Hansol and Jaehyun
🔎 SMRookies Station: Mark & Donghyuck introduce, Mark & Donghyuck react to Happiness MV, Happiness of SMRookies, SMTown Special, Chuseok Greetings (Ten, Jaehyun, Yuta and Johnny)
🔎 Yuta challenged to do Thai aegyo with Ten
🔎 Taeyong practices his Japanese with Yuta
🔎 On Air NCT Show: Day 1 (Jaehyun) / Day 2 (Taeyong)
Chinese debut surprise broadcast

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I am also officially opening up NCT's very own lj community page. Join us at thesquares for even more NCT goodies and news and everything about these amazing boys!!! I hope to see you there! Let's support NCT

smrookies twitter
official photos @ fy-sr16b and the smrookies app (also via NCT_TH)
profiles: taeil hansol johnny taeyong yuta kun doyoung ten jaehyun winwin mark
interviews: taeil hansol johnny taeyong yuta kun doyoung ten jaehyun winwin mark

i hope this turns into a fun discussion/party post! tell me all about your feels omona and what you discovered in here and who's your bias. let me hear it all!! ❤️
Tags: !artist profile, !omona exclusive, (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, nct

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