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DIA Reveals Teasers For “Happy Ending” Comeback

Girl group DIA is coming back, complete with member Jung Chaeyeon who has been promoting as part of the temporary girl group I.O.I, and it releases new teaser images today.

There is a group teaser image of all the members, as well as for members Jung Chaeyeon (Chae Yeon) and Ki Hee Hyeon (H Hyeon).

DIA will be releasing its second album “Happy Ending.” It meets its fans as a complete group today, June 7 KST, before the official comeback through a Naver V app broadcast during which it will talk about the group’s comeback plans and also call fans in a comeback event.

The album “Happy Ending” will tell the story of the year of a life a girl who is experiencing the pains of growing up and becoming mature in love.

DIA will be revealing more teasers soon.

Soompi, Dia@facebook, naver
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