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KPop Nerd Podcast: Episode 6

Our sixth episode of the podcast focuses on the solo debut of Jessica and the comebacks of MONSTA X, AOA, Jonghyun, and Baek A Yeon. Ploy, Casey, Leyla, and Manhattan all share their insights with the always hapless but well-intentioned host, Ian.

Remember to follow us on Twitter (@teamkpopnerd)! You can also reach Ian directly via Twitter (@ianchoe) or email (ian@kpopnerd.com). If you have a great idea for a podcast topic, want to be a part of a future recording, or just want to be a part of KPop Nerd, don't hesitate to reach out!

Huge thank you again to sayuridoll and cosmopudin for joining us for this episode! We're going to be chatting about EXID, EXO, among others this week if anyone is interested in joining!

KPop Nerd | Podcast Episode 6, MONSTA X, AOA, Jonghyun, Baek A Yeon
Tags: aoa, baek a yeon, jessica, jonghyun, kpop nerd podcast, monsta x
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