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🌟Spica's🌟 Daily Life: photos that may or may not be teasers~

Sparkling Boa

I'm not really sure what this is supposed to represent tbh.. but look at her Mickey shoes! I love playing Spot-the-Mickey in every Boa photo :D


Pure Bohyung

kjdsnfkjaKSJDJn look at her bright smile!! I'm sure she really does hang around record stores in her spare time (when she's not hanging around recording studios) :') she's so adorable and precious, this warm fluffy ball of sunshine and rainbows!!


Irreplaceable Sihyun

I beg to differ I THINK THIS HAIRSTYLE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED ASAP. and unless that drink is a cocktail this is an untruthful set of photos

Cherished Narae

part of the caption says "Want to be Narae's Jolie for a day" lmfao LOOK AT JOLIE'S HARNESS AND THE RED RIBBON I bet you cash money that Narae made it specially for this shoot


Adorable Jiwon

I love this (except for the intentional[?] blurriness) because Jiwon's always hanging out in cafes and I really like the colour of that cup

SPICA's official FB: Boa, Bbo, Sihyun, Narae, Jiwon

no idea if these are supposed to be comeback teasers but I appreciate them all the same! which is your favourite daily life pic? (mine is Jolie obvs)
Tags: comebacks, keembo/spica, teaser

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