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Gfriend make fun of dreads on Weekly Idol

timestamp: 3:30-4:44


cultural appropriation/racism warning

recently gfriend went on weekly idol. as many kpop fans know, it is a variety show to showcase idols sillier sides and help fans get to know them. its generally problematic in itself, some segments giving idols afro wigs to wear as a joke, sexist comments here and there.

on gfriends most recent featuring on the show, they were asked to express through dance several song genres. when asked to express the reggae genre, sinb began to twist her hair as if imitating dreadlocks, then when it was yerins turn, sinb began to twist yerins hair as well. when it was eunhas turn, yerin and sinb came behind her to mess with her hair

idk how many times black ppl gotta say this but dreads arent a joke our hair is not a joke we are not a joke or something to be laughed at. our dreadlocks are part of our culture, seeing as though our hair naturally dreads itself bc of its texture (3c-4c) its not to be joked about at all

dont start with that ‘shes just showing wants reggae!!’ what she did was mocking black culture dont try to excuse that

the captions themselves can explain it


tht man they used in the bottom left corner i highly doubt is black because korea is very antiblack but we can wait and see abt tht and anyways you dont learn abt reggae though your hair nobody learns anything through their hair

if yall wanna start talking abt how ‘its just hair it doesnt matter its not that deep god tumblr’ go tel that to the hundreds of black people who are ridiculed for their hair and even killed because of it! read this post cuz it aint tht deep!

source: gfriend.cf, GFRIEND United

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 21.13.24 2 image05-2
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, gfriend

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