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MAMAMOO Achieves Third Place For Highest Girl Group Fan Cafe Membership

MAMAMOO recently made a breakthrough in passing over 70,000 members on their official fan cafe.

Their agency Rainbowbridge World released the statement, saying, “On August 23, 5 p.m. we officially made it to 77,777 members.”

The membership boost places MAMAMOO at third place for the highest number of fan cafe members for a girl group. First place is Girls’ Generation, while the second is APink. Girl groups that follow after MAMAMOO are Girls’ Day, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, f(x), and GFRIEND.

MAMAMOO last offered official memberships two years and six months ago. In response to the new memberships, the members gave special presents to 77 fans as a special fan event to show their thanks.
MAMAMOO Drops Surprise Video After Surpassing 70,000 Fanclub Members
Video posted here

MAMAMOO has surpassed 70,000 members in their fanclub.

MAMAMOO′s agency revealed, "On August 23 at 5PM, MAMAMOO exceeded 77,777 members on their official fanclub."

This marks the 3rd most popular girl group fan club after SNSD and Apink. They are followed by Girl′s Day, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, f(x) and GFriend.

MAMAMOO reached 70,000 members within 2 years and 6 months since the opening of their fanclub and shows how fast the girl group has risen to popularity.

To celebrate reaching 77,777 members, MAMAMOO surprised fans by releasing Moonbyul′s solo of Don′t Forget from MAMAMOO′s concert on August 13-14.

Additionally, MAMAMOO wants to show their thanks to their fans by holding an event where 77 submissions will be selected to receive a Gucci Lucky Box as a gift.

MAMAMOO not only receives love from male fans, but also female fans. The popular girl group held a large scale concert only 2 years after debuting and the tickets sold out within 1 minute.

Soompi, nate, mwave, gif mine via mamawoo_d
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