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[PIMP POST] Meet the young cuties of NCT DREAM who are guaranteed to steal your heart 🌸

In case you lived under a rock the past year, NCT, standing for Neo Culture Technology, is SM's new rotational boy group/business venture/major headache that promises to basically take over the world. NCT DREAM, debuting on August 24th, is the third unit under the NCT name after previously introduced NCT U and NCT 127. The young group boasts an average of only 15.6, with 7 members between the ages of 14 and 17. As showcasing through their name, NCT DREAM, the members want to give healing energy to the older fans through their fresh image as well as give a message of dreams and give hope to fans their own age.

Part TWO of the NCT pimp post saga. See Part ONE for NCT U and NCT 127 members (not updated)

🍊 Mark Lee / Lee Minhyung (이민형) / Mark 🍊

August 2, 1999
— NCT U (Maknae), NCT 127, NCT DREAM (Leader) —

🎼 blood type A, leo
🎼 family: parents, older brother
🎼 nct dream position: sub-vocal, main rapper
🎼 was casted into sm in 2012 at global auditions in canada
🎼 lived in new york for a short period of time
🎼 his wannabe sunbae is tvxq's u-know; if he had the chance, he would like to collaborate with jonghyun
🎼 currently majoring in applied dance at SOPA
🎼 is absolutely fully capable
🎼 except when it comes to cooking. and sports. but he is a good badminton player!
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 if he were to ever become a billionaire, the first thing he would do is to give the money to his parents
🎼 his favourite subjects in school were writing and arts. previously, his wish was to become an author
🎼 regarded as the most hardworking member
🎼 he knows that people call him a 'pro-debuter' and thinks it's a bit much
🎼 mark has been a proud, long-standing member of the xiufamily through the years 2013, 2015, 2016
🎼 he likes writing lyrics on his own and participated in writing for all title tracks (7th sense, fire truck and chewing gum) as well as mad city. the music he most likes to compose is groovy/dance
🎼 mark isn't fond of flying
🎼 can beatbox
🎼 he comes from a family of musicians who have instilled the passion in him and mentioned his older brother as the reason why he decided to pursue this career
🎼 considers jaehyun his soulmate or like his real brother with whom he has a close bond
🎼 haechan and him make a great, hilarious pair where mark always takes whatever teasing heachan brings on him. let me insert myself here: my personal favourite moment was in the broadcast where they planned their summer schedule and haechan set aside an entire hour to practice teasing on mark and mark didn't even complain and instead wrote on his calendar 'avoid haechan'. perfectly encapsulates their relationship

[more photos]

🍒 Huang Renjun (黄仁俊) / Renjun 🍒

March 23, 2000

🎼 aries
🎼 chinese of korean descent
🎼 nct dream position: sub-vocal
🎼 bilingual in korean and chinese; as a result he is chenle's personal translator and they are rarely seen separated. renjun makes sure chenle doesn't get left out of conversations
🎼 private trainee, he was not a part of the smrookies so there's not a lot of info available on him
🎼 he is very good at cooking and drawing
🎼 renjun's speciality is running while hula-hooping
🎼 his hobby is drawing moomin
🎼 his favourite subject is korean. he doesn't have a least favourite subject bc he is a model student
🎼 renjun's dream is to live happily
🎼 quiet, cheerful, polite
🎼 renjun singing baby don't cry

[more photos]

🍉 Lee Jeno (이제노) / Jeno 🍉

April 23, 2000

🎼 blood type A, taurus
🎼 family: parents
🎼 jeno's wannabe sunbae is shinee's minho
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 nct dream position: sub-vocal
🎼 can play the violin
🎼 like mark, jeno is currently majoring in applied dance at SOPA
🎼 his favourite subject is science bc he likes experiments. his least favourite subject is maths bc it's difficult
🎼 he was a child actor and appeared in a few cfs: seoul milk in 2005, kyungdong navien one and two in 2006, pulmuone in 2009, dr. you one and two in 2010, sk telecom in 2010, a tv spot in 2011, woongjin holdings, digipets
🎼 jeno's dream is to be happy, always work hard and do well
🎼 legendary eye-smile king
🎼 regarded as mini-donghae due to the likeness he bears to him
🎼 the no-jam hyung
🎼 he loves cars and drawing them
🎼 usually very quiet, seems cold, mature and calm
🎼 is bad at directions
🎼 his favourite fruit is watermelon
🎼 "Who is not a part of Jeno’s family? Aliens"
🎼 jaehyun is his favourite hyung

[more photos]

🍋 Lee Donghyuck (이동혁) / Haechan 🍋

June 6, 2000
— NCT 127, NCT DREAM —

🎼 blood type AB, gemini
🎼 family: parents, three younger siblings, fraternal twin sister
🎼 born in seoul and grew up in jeju
🎼 hobby/speciality: football, playing the piano
🎼 nct dream position: lead vocal
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 lee soo man changed his name for his official debut to haechan because he wanted him to become a new person. haechan means to shine bright and rightfully. the other members and fans are still used to calling him donghyuck though and fans have started to jokingly call him dong-haechan due to always getting his name wrong
🎼 currently majoring in applied music at SOPA. his favourite school subject is music and his least favourite one is science (because it's boring)
🎼 the thing that made him realise he wanted to sing/be an idol was seeing shinee's replay for the first time; shinee's juliet was the first album he ever bought
🎼 his dream is to become a singer-songwriter and to perform at tokyo dome
🎼 haechan's favourite food is pork belly and his favourite drink is orange juice
🎼 pre-debut he used to room with jaemin and during nct 127 promotions he lived with taeyong
🎼 artists haechan admires are michael jackson and maroon 5
🎼 his favourite superhero is the hulk
🎼 a concept he wants to try out is vampires
haechan singing 'you will always be in my heart' on mmc
🎼 he cross-dressed during one of their rookies shows: here's dongsookie with taeyong, with jaehyun, with yuta
🎼 "What does Donghyuck do as soon as he wakes up? He goes back to sleep."
🎼 is the loudest/noisiest member of nct, but he is also in charge of keeping the atmosphere fun; haechan doesn't hold back from poking fun at any of his members, but especially loves targeting mark and taeyong
🎼 variety king in the making
🎼 his favourite football club is real madrid and favourite football player is cristiano ronaldo
🎼 he got his first mobile phone in 2008 and has lost it 4 times since then
🎼 at the dorm, he is in charge of washing the dishes

[more photos]

🍑 Na Jaemin (나재민) / Jaemin 🍑

August 13, 2000
from SEOUL, SK

🎼 blood type AB, leo
🎼 family: parents
🎼 nct dream position: lead vocal, lead dancer
🎼 his app intro video
🎼 jaemin is in charge of the positive energy
🎼 his hobbies are composing music, watching anime, playing badminton and cooking
🎼 attending SOPA with mark, jeno and donghyuck
🎼 his favourite subject is PE bc he's free to play without many thoughts. his least favourite subject is social studies bc there's too much to memorise
🎼 jaemin's dream is to be someone people always remember
🎼 he got casted while doing volunteer work
🎼 when he was in elementary school he wanted to become a doctor
🎼 his favourite season is fall, his favourite fruit is the peach
🎼 his favourite movie genre is horror, his favourite movie is iron man. his favourite book genre is romance
🎼 pikachu is his favourite pokemon
🎼 if he could have a superpower, it would be time control
🎼 adores hansol and always finds a way to stick to him like a little barnacle. he considers the older boy as his real brother and they are famous for being the 4d AB-line together

[more photos]

🍇 Zhong Chenle (鐘辰樂) / Chenle 🍇

November 22, 2001

🎼 sagittarius
🎼 family: parents, older brother by 13 years
🎼 nct dream position: main vocal
🎼 only casted in march 2016
🎼 his speciality is playing the piano and his hobbies include cooking, swimming and football
🎼 chenle's favourite subjects are PE, math and english bc he likes making use of his mind and enjoys studying foreign languages. his least favourite subject are social studies and science bc he has neglected them in favour of others
🎼 chenle's dream is to be acknowledged by the world
🎼 said to be the mischievous one
🎼 is a child superstar in china, he was on china's got talent at age 9 and participated in other famous shows such as day day up and new generation's sound of china
🎼 released three solo albums in 2010, 2011 and 2014
🎼 most famous for his cover of memory from the musical cats, which he has performed on different occasions: china's got talent, a variety show i'm not sure, vienna's new year concert
🎼 has covered lots of other songs (most of them are at age 9-10): hey jude, you raise me up, say goodbye, amazing grace, home, when you're gone, close my eyes. there are a lot more videos you could find on youtube
🎼 here he's singing 'where's the time' a song dedicated to his dad
🎼 was a model student and won ambassador titles for his school four years in a row. he was also voted head of the shanghai hwangpo province's association and got to participate in chinese cultural festivals in countries such as korea, japan and australia
🎼 in february 2014 he held his own solo concert in shanghai
🎼 performed at vienna's golden hall in 2011
🎼 was in a movie called 'soul rhythm' in 2011
🎼 listen to one of his most recent songs
🎼 dubbed nct dream's stan attractor
🎼 so many pre debut pics

[more photos]

🍏 Park Jisung (박지성) / Jisung 🍏

February 5, 2002
from SEOUL, SK
— NCT DREAM (Maknae) —

🎼 proud owner of 171 cm height and counting, blood type O, aquarius
🎼 family: parents, older brother, adoptive mother seulgibear
🎼 nct dream position: sub vocal, main dancer, #maknaeontop (actual hashtag by sm)
🎼 his wannabe sunbae is kai
🎼 jisung's app intro video
🎼 this park jisung is not that good at football
🎼 he has been dancing since he was 8 and the first dance style he ever learned is poppin; it's also his favourite style
🎼 jisung was a child actor, appearing in several commercials like this samsung ad
🎼 he had a cameo in tvxq uknow's music video for champagne
🎼 at age 11, he appeared in an episode of 'gangnam feel dance school' where they taught the choreography for jay park's joah
🎼 he also performed gangnam style in the international children's concert in 2013; coincidentally, it was also the first time he ever met chenle!
🎼 sets his phone on the loudest volume possible. even renjun complained about his loud alarms
🎼 is the youngest but notorious for his terrible dad jokes
🎼 margherita is his favourite pizza
🎼 he believes in aliens 👽
🎼 the song he listens to when he wants to sleep and while weight training is exo's promise (it's his favourite song). the song he listens to when he stretches is exo's machine
🎼 jisung's favourite marvel character is iron man
🎼 he has atopic dermatitis and sometimes has visible break outs
🎼 if he could have a superpower it would be teleportation
🎼 his favourite subject is PE bc he likes using his body and social studies bc it helps him understand how the world works. his least favourite subject are everything else
🎼 jisung's dream is to take over the world through nct's stages
🎼 shy, quiet, patient, he doesn't get angry easily, plays pranks and jokes on the older boys

[more photos]

What to watch:


🔎 NCT Teaser #2: Synchronization of Your Dreams (Taeyong, Hansol, Ten, Mark, Jaehyun + Haechan vocals)
🔎 NCT U Teasers '7th Sense': MARK // NCT 127 Teasers 'Fire Truck': MARK | HAECHAN // NCT DREAM Teasers 'Chewing Gum': Jisung | Chenle | Jeno | Haechan | Mark | Renjun | Jaemin | more
🔎 NCT U 'The 7th Sense' MV // NCT 127 'Fire Truck' MV // NCT DREAM 'Chewing Gum' MV
🔎 NCT 127 'Fire Truck' Dance Practice / Performance Video
🔎 NCT 127 'Taste The Feeling' MV
🔎 EXO 90:2014 MV remakes: SES – I'm your girl (Mark rap, SR16G singing)


🔎 Switch MV // Switch performance (Mark ver.)
🔎 Show Me Your Love (Mark ver.)
🔎 Under the Sea
🔎 TVXQ Mirotic
🔎 Get in the christmas spirit with this adorable performance of jingle bell rock
🔎 A super adorable VCR
🔎 Mini rookies VCR
🔎 Growl at SMTown in Taiwan
🔎 Haechan and Mark performing Playboy: Haechan ver. / Mark ver.
🔎 Mark and Taaeyong performing You Make Me So Mad (aka Mad City) at Rookies Show
🔎 Minirookies performing Call Me Baby at Rookies Show
🔎 How Deep Is Your Love at Rookies Show
🔎 Minirookies performing Danger at Rookies Show
🔎 Jeno, Jisung and Donghyuck at SMTown Week in 2013 [one] [two]

🔎 True music asian lovers special interview (all smrookies)
🔎 SMRookies Show in Bangkok press conference
🔎 ABC news cover kpop feat smrookies (cut)
🔎 Soul Brothers Doyoung, Jisung and Ten
🔎 EXO 90:2014 SMRookies episode cuts: EP 7 (full), EP 8, EP 9, EP 10, EP 11
🔎 Minirookies on Mickey Mouse Club (+SR16G): EP 1, EP 2, EP 3, EP 4, EP 5, EP 6, EP 7, EP 8, EP 9, EP 10, EP 11, EP 12
🔎 MMC Performance cuts: Under the Sea, Love Me Right, Replay, Danger, ID; Peace B, Growl
🔎 The fastest way to adopt a kid? Watch them cry. Here's Jisung's birthday surprise
🔎 SMTown Taiwan: MC Doyoung interviews booming system Taeyong and hilarious visual Donghyuck
🔎 SMTown Taiwan: MC Doyoung interviews Jaehyun and Jaehyun's most beloved minirookie Jeno
🔎 SMTown Taiwan: MC Doyoung interviews Canada's pride Mark Lee (with a special appearance by Minho)
🔎 Promotional videos for SMRookies show: [1] Mark and Johnny, [6] SR15B, [8] Foreign Swaggers Johnny, Mark and Jaehyun
🔎 SMRookies Station: Mark & Donghyuck introduce, Mark & Donghyuck react to Happiness MV, Happiness of SMRookies, SMTown Special, Jisung Special, Happy Halloween
🔎 Minirookies shooting for Ceci
🔎 On Air NCT Show with Mark: Day 1 (Jaehyun) / Day 2 (Taeyong)
🔎 NCT V LIVE broadcasts with Mark and Haechan: 127's first v live, First Fansign, SMTown Osaka backstage, SMTown Osaka at the hotel, Mark and Haechan's summer calendar
🔎 NCT DREAM on V APP: Dream's first broadcast, Dream's second broadcast
🔎 NCT LIFE in Bangkok (with minirookies): EP 1, EP 4, EP 5, EP 6, Behind 1, Behind 2
🔎 NCT LIFE in Paju (with Mark and Haechan): EP 0, EP 1, EP 2, EP 3, EP 4, EP 5

[fansites list]

sources: me and my phd-sized knowledge of nct, smrookies app (rip come back), the internet
vyrl self-intro: mark / renjun / jeno / jaemin / haechan / chenle / jisung
app q&as: mark / haechan / jeno / jaemin / jisung

did nct dream catch you in their net of cuteness yet? don't forget to join the nct community @ thesquares for more frequent posts on nct!

[so you’re thinking about stanning NCT...]
but you think the concept is far too confusing to get yourself invested?

honestly it's not really hard to keep up with them and the members themselves make the confusing concept worth it. even if you think you're gonna get invested in people who are gonna get screwed over, let's be real, the chances are small, wether or not nct will take the proportions sm wants, especially for the core members who have been revealed so far. if they do end up debuting a ridiculous number of people, you can always cut yourself off and stick to the main ones or just your favourite unit. just my humble onion ☺️ come to the dark side
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