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Iron teases new album "Rockbottom," issues apology for being a dumbass

[Track list]Track List:

1. System
2. Interlude (CD Only)
4. HATE THE LIFE (feat. Supreme Boi)
5. Skit (CD Only)
6. ROLL (feat. Kidoh)
7. 하남 주공 아파트 [Apartment in Hanam, Jugong]
8. 920108 (CD Only)
9. TURN BACK (feat. 강허달림 [Gang Heo Dalim])

The album will be released this Friday, September 9.


“Hello, this is Iron. Have you been well…? Thank you very much for waiting all this time… Actually, I always feel apologetic towards my fans… I am sorry that all the dots seem like I’m kidding. [Note: he's referring to the ellipsis (...) in the text.]

As an amateur, I participated in Show Me The Money and gained a lot of popularity. Then after releasing merely one track there were no news about me at all for one year and suddenly [you hear that] I stupidly smoked marijuana… Then I released only one track, ‘System‘, and again no news…

I wanted to tell my fans first and ask for your forgiveness first, but instead of shabby excuses I wanted to do so through music. Please forgive me.

The fame I gained after being on TV. And in order to earn money I was put on make-up, clothes, and hairstyles I did not like, I had to put on a fake smile and pretend to be a good boy. And as you can see, the ordeals I subsequently went through are no one’s fault but my own, so I accepted them.

Since then, I lived isolated from the world. And thinking that the only thing I can prove myself with is music, I kept writing lyrics and rapping. Going back to the first time I was able to speak and the time when I started getting into rap, I spend the time improving myself and before I knew, more than one year had passed and only now I am releasing my first album. Thanks to your support, I was able to retrieve the reason why I started doing hiphop in the first place and come this far. So, I will repay that favor from now on through my music and my life. Thank you for liking someone as foolish as me.

September 5, 2016, Jung Hunchul”

Note: both the tracklist and apology were originally posted on Iron's official Instagram account; they have since been deleted.

Source: Iron youtube, HiphopKR

Is it too late now to say sorry, Omona? Are you anticipating his new album? Could Iron learn some things from Tyra?
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