3:51 pm - 09/09/2016

Kidoh Takes To Twitter to "Explain" Rape Lyrics.

Kiddo took to Twitter to explain the meaning behind the lyrics written for Iron's song 'Roll' follwing a wave of criticism on social media.

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Here are the lyrics for context:
[Trigger Warning.]

Iron - Roll (feat. Kidoh)

I heard you said, “Boy, just rape me”
I think I’m sober, not crazy
This is my play gym for you
Play around all you want my babe

Let me tell you in advance, ain’t no lover

Engrave it in your mind, I’m yo fuckin’ owner
I’m a conqueror, you obey, we’re simply accomplishing our God-given human nature
Hol up, I won’t repeat myself, strip!

Hop up in the bed, how we roll
Lemme teach you somethin’, how we roll
We need a shroom, shroom, Super Mario
That’s how we roll, how we roll

Crashing into your breasts, stereo
All my neighbor says, “Where that party up?”
All night long vroom vroom like Ferrari, yo
That’s how we roll, how we roll

Pick up the phone, it’s your man’s number
Of course, my hand is clutching your hair tightly
and your ragged breathing means you dirty ho
I treat you like a sinner, stop being close to tears

I want you to feel it, to beg and feel shame

Your teary gaze, I enjoy this pleasure
So many fuckin’ prince, I don’t act like a drama
Gon’ be yo trauma, think of me every night

All I do is eat good, work that pussy
Eat, sleep, shit, then right away eat, sleep, shit, yeah that’s me, bitches
Lick good, grabbing you by the hair
When it’s over, shove your ass this way, spank spank

He has since deleted these tweets.

Sources: Hiphopkr, kido92

Dude liteally added the word rape in the lyrics and then says the song is not about rape?
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supersunshiner 9th-Sep-2016 10:15 pm (UTC)
woah what the fuck get him away get him out of here how is this even allowed what's the deBATE ABOUT

side note: 50 shades of grey is fucking sick and whoever enjoys it is also sick, there's a fine line between liking it rough and full on conquering someone/letting yourself be conquered, and the fact that it was originally a twilight fanfic and the author just changed the names is even worse imo
madielou 9th-Sep-2016 10:31 pm (UTC)
his muse was 50 shades of grey. there's problem number one. that book is literally rape and abuse disguised as passion and bdsm.
his lyrics use the word rape and reference trauma a victim has after being assaulted. like??? how is it not about rape?? you sick fuck.

people who sexualize/romanticize rape in any shape or form are the lowest pieces of shit human beings.

fuck off.
myrrhcat 9th-Sep-2016 10:34 pm (UTC)
fucking disgusting
san e also had casual lyrics about rape in one of lil cham's songs so he's on my shit list too
sugarbaek 9th-Sep-2016 11:07 pm (UTC)
he must be out of his mind to even try to explain this shit. he's sick af.
if he was somewhat important, i hope he become a nugu..... gross
he and this iron........ suckers
funga_fufu 9th-Sep-2016 11:10 pm (UTC)
as far as i know the song was supposed to be about a bdsm relationship, of a master and a slave i guess. it's perfectly fine to like bdsm (i do) and have relationships like that, but this song is just so distasteful. in a sexist society where women are rampantly sexually abused and killed you should think twice before making lyrics like that...
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headswillroll88 9th-Sep-2016 11:19 pm (UTC)
I agree that BDSM is trash, it fetishizes abuse.
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ashdevilrun23 9th-Sep-2016 11:26 pm (UTC)
kidoh and iron cancelled
kwikimart 9th-Sep-2016 11:30 pm (UTC)
soooooo disappointed in iron, legit over kpop/khh rn in general

kidoh & iron should just say they fucked up & cop to the fact that they thought it was an edgy word that they could play with

what makes this worse is iron speaking out against the comfort woman thing ON THE SAME ALBUM where he rapped this reprehensible bs
he is raised in a family of women & barely talks to women irl plus his sister is his bff and most of his fanbase are women (ifans)...wtf is this? what the actual fuck? just goes to show how deeply entrenched toxic masculinity is j
in men, it's terrifying.

regardless of whatever immature rough sex fantasy they thought it was it did not come out that way and they need to own that and delete roll from the album.
oh and iron needs to apologize now, yesterday for using 'negroes' wtf. he has some fucking audacity using that word. why does he want to destroy his own career so badly??

HOWEVER 50SOG made an appalling amount of money & is responsible in part for normalizing abusive behaviour/contributing tonrape culture & harmful ideas about what bdsm actually is. kidoh & iron are also adding to that clusterfuck. all i'm saying is, we've all seen how many defenders actual rapists get so i am not surprised they think this shit was cool. i haaate that iron did this but he made this choice & so did kidoh, they are responsible for this, no one else and both need to rectify it asap. an apology is less than the bare minimum.
honey_baymax 9th-Sep-2016 11:52 pm (UTC)
....I wish I had never read those lyrics. Men remain the fucking worst jfc.
elisaorange 9th-Sep-2016 11:56 pm (UTC)
These lyrics are disgusting and twisted even without the blatant use of the word "rape", it's absolutely implied regardless. I have no idea how he could see nothing wrong with it- you wrote something controversial, what did you expect would happen? Once again confirming what a dumbass he and Iron are~
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boxcuttergirl 10th-Sep-2016 02:57 am (UTC)
honestly. i can't believe ppl are actually trying to downplay this
yungbitchpuddi 10th-Sep-2016 12:03 am (UTC)
umm don't get mad at me ya'll...but why is Topp Dogg tagged in this mess???

Also I'm definitely ready to swim my ass to SK so he can catch these hands. I can't even..I'm so angry.
honey_baymax 10th-Sep-2016 12:14 am (UTC)
Maybe cause he doesn't have his own tag. Doesn't deserve one ever.

Instead there should be a nobody tag cause that's what he is now.
minho_lover 10th-Sep-2016 12:15 am (UTC)
kidoh...iron..i just...smh. the lyrics are horrific tbh. im just so sick of half the male khiphop rappers, theyre all disgusting
antrea 10th-Sep-2016 12:32 am (UTC)
i used to like them both... I stanned Iron so hard........ fuck them
reasontowander 10th-Sep-2016 12:43 am (UTC)
Those lyrics are disgusting. "I'm sorry you're offended" is never an apology. Fuck him
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