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TZUYU'S IMPACT: Her Hair Flip Goes Viral

A couple of days ago the twitter user TWICETW1CE posted a gif of Tzuyu from the Idol Star Athletics Championships preview where Tzuyu is participating in the archery event and gets her hair flipped. With time the tweet started to gain attention outside of kpop fandom twitter and counts now with more than 25k retweets.
The original gif was posted by TZUYU_holic99.

Even film director Taika Waititi retweeted it:

Now it also has people trying to copy it:

And even fanart:

And obviously the gif helped to get new fans:

Her hair flip even made it to Taiwan's news:

With all the attention, their official twitter didn't forget to thank the fans:

[TRANSLATION by Tzuyuday]: Over the weekend, Tzugolas (Legolas) became the topic of the internet! Thank you ONCE!

[Previously on Tzuyu's impact: her signed desk gets its own exposition]

Source: TWICETW1CE, TZUYU_holic99, ShukeiArt, JYPETWICE, tzuyuday, prof_ippun, Sci_Phile, moiseschiu (2), YafengCheng

Funny thing, she got 0 points for that shoot lol
Omona, have you accepted Tzuyu as your Lord and Saviour?
Tags: social media, twice, when will your faves?
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